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SARS epidemic: - Teachers’ experiences using ICTs
"During the SARS closedown, the main local English newspaper, South China Morning Post reported that
“schools may be closed but learning can continue, with lessons posted on school websites” (12 April,
2003). Many schools throughout Hong Kong took up the challenge to make the most of ICTs to ensure
students continued their formal education. However, there had been no time to prepare for school closure
and the government department responsible for education, the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB)
was unable to develop guidelines for schools on best practice in these new circumstances. Schools were
encouraged therefore to develop their own strategies and individual teachers were offered a free reign to
decide what they wanted to do or what they could do in order to facilitate their students’ learning.
Much was left up to individual schools and teachers. The differences in the provision of services offered by
schools was considerable. Schools that already had IT implementation strategies in place were better
prepared to meet the challenges presented by SARS. They were able to coordinate whole school solutions.
Providing students with set tasks that required students to work independently and via online collaborative
group work. However many schools, despite the innovations set in motion by government funding, were ill
prepared to use IT in ways that would reach their dispersed students. In some schools individual teachers
developed their own ways of communicating with their students. The majority of teachers however
struggled to continue their students’ education through a mode of delivery with which they had little or no
experience. "
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Super Apps: Nothing Much Super About Them - Sheji Ho - Medium
very informative +1
super apps evolved because of insufficient ad networks in China (which in part contributed to lack of growth in SEO, which is about findability), and so super apps are about enabling cheaper customer acquisition (as it's easier to find mini apps within a super app than apps/services via other means)
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