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Fads and Fireflies: The Difficulties of Sustaining Change | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice
"The reforms that have the least potential for sticking are those that try to bring about changes in teaching, primarily because those innovations are often proposed by policymakers and officials who know little about classrooms as work places."
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august 2017 by WBedutech
Reform Lessons from Skeptical But Not Cynical Veterans | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice
<< It’s the implementation, stupid. Policymakers neither administer schools nor teach students; they make policy for both from afar. Whether the policy is a new program or a new way of operating, the ideas are only as good as those who put them into practice. In fact, how well a program is implemented can matter more than what the program is. A famous evaluation, called the “Follow Through Planned Variation” experiment tested a number of different early elementary programs by getting several schools across the country to try each one. One of the key findings, too often ignored today, was that the differences in results from one school to the next using the same program were bigger than the differences in results between the programs being compared.>>

<<“wars” are fought largely with words in speeches, articles, and at conferences, not in actual classroom practices.>>

<<Policymakers are typically too far removed from the classroom to fully appreciate what teachers and principals need to have in place to make reforms work. In the absence of discussions with teachers and principals during their creation, school reform policies are likely to ignore the minimal conditions and resources needed for a reform to have a chance of success.>>

(blog post excerpts last chapter of, "Cutting Through the Hype: A Taxpayer’s Guide to School Reforms")
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july 2017 by WBedutech

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