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Harvard professor says surveillance capitalism is undermining democracy – Harvard Gazette
One theme of misdirection has been to sell people on the idea that the new economic practices are an inevitable consequence of digital technology. In America and throughout the West we believe it’s wrong to impede technological progress. So the thought is that if these disturbing practices are the inevitable consequence of the new technologies, we probably just have to live with it. This is a dangerous category error. It’s impossible to imagine surveillance capitalism without the digital, but it’s easy to imagine the digital without surveillance capitalism.
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6 weeks ago by WBedutech
A question about students cheating on online tests. : Professors
from Reddit. There is great stuff in here about how to make it harder for students to cheat.
onlinetesting  cheating  surveillance 
march 2019 by WBedutech
How to Catch Students Cheating on Online Tests
companies mentioned: ProctorU - Proctortrack - Coursera - Turnitin
onlinetesting  cheating  surveillance 
march 2019 by WBedutech
Gene discovery and polygenic prediction from a genome-wide association study of educational attainment in 1.1 million individuals
AAThis link is to the web site, for some reason accessing from a Bank URL automatically redrects to a download
genetics  privacy  surveillance 
july 2018 by WBedutech
New Study: The Genetics of Staying in School - The Atlantic
What policy lessons or practical advice do you draw from this study?

None whatsoever. Any practical response—individual or policy-level—to this or similar research would be extremely premature and unsupported by the science.

So why bother doing the study at all?

One reason is to look at how genes and environments interact.“If you did a study like ours 100 years ago, the strongest genetic predictor of education would be how many X chromosomes you had, because society was set up in a way that it was much harder for women to get educated than men,” says Benjamin. Likewise, many of the genes that are associated with education today are likely important “because of how today’s educational system is set up. It requires people to sit at desks for hours, and listen to instructions from a teacher. People who get restless, or are less obedient to authority, will fare less well in that environment.”
theatlantic  genetics  surveillance  data  privacy 
july 2018 by WBedutech
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