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Decision Making in Emergency Management: A Survey Study: International Journal of Cognitive Ergonomics: Vol 3, No 2
Ninety fire chiefs were interviewed about their own accounts of factors affecting the difficulty level of decisions. Types of decisions described as especially hard to make concerned giving priorities in lifesaving operations and evacuations
4 days ago
Prof Cass Sunstein on how social change happens, and why it's so often abrupt & unpredictable - 80,000 Hours
There’s a terrific new paper Duncan Waltz is one of the coauthors of the difficulty of predicting in real time what’s going to happen in history. His study is actually of a much more tractable question, which is whether people in the national security area who are reporting to the United States State Department about historic events in real time, do they actually know what was a historic event as by decades later, what became historic?
24 days ago
The Key to Everything | by Freeman Dyson | The New York Review of Books
A substantial fraction of the population of Europe and the Middle East in the time between 1000 BC and 1800 AD lived in genetically isolated villages, so that genetic drift may have been the most important factor making intellectual revolutions possible...I see human freedom as the goal and the creativity of small human societies as the means to achieve it.
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29 days ago
Aldus Manutius - Wikipedia
Tides of History podcast (on printing) - Aldus was a design and marketing genius, the first publishing brand
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5 weeks ago
Visual Narrative & Keynote | Core Skills | APG
Francisco Ortigosa, Head of Strategic Design at Grey and Presentation coach freelancer
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6 weeks ago
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