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Conflict: The role of calm and angry parent-child discussion in adolescent adjustment. - PsycNET
djustment was related positively to the number of calm discussions and negatively related to the number of angry discussions between parents and adolescent; adjustment was positively associated with a balance of positive and negative discussions.
conflict  children  disagreement  families 
10 weeks ago by Walpole
The Correlates of Conflict: Disagreement Is Not Necessarily Detrimental
Although most evidence for this proposition comes from research with young children, a study of early adolescents revealed that the relative frequency of calm disagreements with parents was inversely associated with low levels of internalizing and externalizing problems and high levels of academic achievement (Tesser, Forehand, Brody, & Long, 1989). In sum, there is support for the notion that conflict has benefits too.
conflict  disagreement  CHILDREN  conflicted 
10 weeks ago by Walpole
Chinese Conflict Management
In other words, people with a direct communication style
are more likely to engage in conflicts and to select a confrontational style in
managing or resolving a conflict than those with indirect communication styles
context  conflict  china 
january 2020 by Walpole
Conflict Styles and High–Low Context Cultures: A Cross-Cultural Extension: Communication Research Reports: Vol 29, No 1
Results confirm that high-context nations (India and Thailand) prefer the avoiding and obliging conflict styles more than low-context nations (Ireland and the United States), whereas low-context nations prefer the dominating conflict style more than high-context nations.
conflict  context 
january 2020 by Walpole
Americans are at each other’s throats. Here’s one way out. - The Washington Post
About one in every 20 conflicts operates this way, as social psychologist Peter T. Coleman describes in his book “The Five Percent.” High conflicts can be interrupted, but not if we approach them the same way we handle normal conflicts. Left unchecked, high conflicts can become magnetic.
dialogue  conflict  amandaripley 
december 2019 by Walpole
Wijnaldum exclusive: ‘Klopp gave us pre-Kiev team talk in Ronaldo pants – we were all on the floor laughing’ – The Athletic
“I had played a really bad game. A lot of times he says that when I start a game badly, it never becomes good during the game any more. And he said, in front of everyone, ‘I could see it in your eyes and in your body language — this was going to be a game like that.’ And I was like, ‘Whoa, I don’t need that in this moment.’

“But in the end, if you analyse it, he was right. He didn’t say it to break me, but to help me.
dialogue  conflict  klopp  sport 
august 2019 by Walpole
The effects of categorically based expectations on minority influence: the importance of congruence. - PubMed - NCBI
The role of congruence and incongruence in diverse decision-making groups is examined by manipulating opinion agreement within and between members of different social categories.
dialogue  diversity  conflict 
august 2019 by Walpole
[no title]
Good overview and history of research on group conflict - used to be thought of as just negative, but increasing evidence for positive effects too. Key dynamics a) antidote groupthink b) Better info processing. Summary - Relationship conflict bad, task conflict good.
dialogue  groups  conflict 
july 2019 by Walpole
[no title]
Long list of references on conflict and teamwork etc
conflict  teams  groups 
july 2019 by Walpole
[no title]
Chipping Away at the Issues - Michaela Mattes
gradualism  dialogue  conflict  diplomacy 
march 2019 by Walpole
Designing Without Compromise
Really good deck on constructive conflict/creative conflict
dialogue  conflict  creativity 
december 2018 by Walpole
Good ideas for building a culture of creativity that actually suck | Odious Repeater
In short, by removing formal demarcations and authority, you may find that you’ve created an environment where people are spending more energy jostling for position and playing politics than adding value
creativity  conflict  ruffian 
november 2018 by Walpole
Exclusive: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on Apple, Facebook, Netflix–and the f
I do this with myself, too, and I force them to do it with me. It’s kind of excruciating.
spotify  conflict  dialogue  potential  talent  Management  norms 
august 2018 by Walpole
Max Levchin of the Paypal mafia says hiring for culture fit is completely overrated — Quartz
“What made PayPal different was that in the crucible of a really difficult moment we’d say, ‘you’re the best in finance, you’re the best in engineering. We’re going to completely trust your opinion because we know you’re the best and we trust your area of expertise.'”
startups  rockgroups  conflict  dialogue 
august 2018 by Walpole
The dreary secrets of Amazon’s success
Do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion,” the document reads. Employees should “respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting”.
amazon  conflict  dialogue 
january 2018 by Walpole
Opinion | Empathize With Your Political Foe - The New York Times
Suddenly, however, the confrontation took an unexpected turn. Tommy Gunn, the organizer of the pro-Trump rally, invited Hawk Newsome, the head of the Black Lives Matter group
dialogue  conflict 
january 2018 by Walpole
Trust, Conflict, and Cooperation: A Meta-Analysis
People who believed their partner did not value them, felt
more hurt and rejected by their partner after high, compared to
low, conflict situations.
dialogue  relationships  conflict  trust 
october 2017 by Walpole
*The Hard Thing About Hard Things* - Marginal REVOLUTION
Most business relationships either become too tense to tolerate or not tense enough to be productive after a while.
dialogue  business  conflict 
october 2017 by Walpole
What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters | The Nation
Lydia Wilson, Oxford, conflict specialist
Our research tries to determine why people will change their minds about these sacred values, and whether and how they will change their behavior in defending them.
terrorism  isis  interestingpeople  dialogue  conflict 
may 2017 by Walpole
Dan Shapiro: Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
“Shift the relational stance so it’s no longer ‘me versus you’ but the two of us working side by side facing a shared problem."
dialogue  conflict  negotiation  statecraft  danshapiro 
may 2017 by Walpole
Restorative practices - Wikipedia
“people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.”
dialogue  conflict  restorative 
may 2017 by Walpole

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