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High-context communications in a low-context virtual world
(It should be no surprise that popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube favour low-context communications, given they orginated in the U.S., a highly individualistic society.
dialogue  highcontext  cross-cultural  context 
august 2017 by Walpole
Study: Control deprivation and styles of thinking
"Westerners habitually think in analytical ways, whereas East Asians tend to favor holistic styles of thinking. We replicated this difference but showed that it disappeared after control deprivation (Experiment 1). Brief experiences of control deprivation, which stimulate increased desire for control, caused Chinese participants to shift toward Western-style analytical thinking in multiple ways"
cross-cultural  power 
november 2011 by Walpole
Handbook of cultural psychology - Google Books
Refs to several papers that validate and extend Hofstede's work (p142) plus lots of fascinating cross-cultural psych studies described
hofstede  cross-cultural  book  ogilvy 
march 2011 by Walpole
Cross-Cultural Branding and Advertising
Applying Hofstede to global branding (by  de Mooij and Hofstede) VERY GOOD
hofstede  ogilvy  cross-cultural 
march 2011 by Walpole
CQ by P.Christopher Earley, Soon Ang and Joo-Seng Tan, ISBN: 9780804771726 at the Global Investor Bookshop
CQ - your cultural intelligence; "an individual's capability to adapt to different cultural contexts"
ogilvy  cq  cross-cultural 
march 2011 by Walpole

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