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Walpole : negotiation   15

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Some of the telltale signs are they will push
the deal a little bit too hard. They’ll sell just a little bit too hard. They’ll talk
about how honest they are.
dialogue  negotiation  lying  manipulation  farnhamst 
july 2017 by Walpole
Paul J Taylor | Psychology | Lancaster University
Lessons from the extreme: what business negotiators can learn from hostage negotiations
interestingpeople  dialogue  BUSINESS  negotiation 
may 2017 by Walpole
Dan Shapiro: Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
“Shift the relational stance so it’s no longer ‘me versus you’ but the two of us working side by side facing a shared problem."
dialogue  conflict  negotiation  statecraft  danshapiro 
may 2017 by Walpole
The Good Cop, Bad Cop Technique - Bob Sutton
it really should be called "The Bad Cop, Good Cop Technique."
goodcopbadcop  dialogue  interrogation  negotiation 
april 2017 by Walpole

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