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Bad group logic – idiolect
This helps us understand the attraction of “They Are Evil” messaging. These messages are not persuasive. Thinking like this is the opposite of persuasive – it is polarising, driving people further apart in their views and making communication across the divide harder. We do it because it feels good, awarding us and our tribe the moral equivalent of $2 when we could have had £3, but at the vindictive gain of awarding the opposing tribe $1 rather than $4.
tribalism  dialogue 
december 2019 by Walpole
Overcoming Us vs. Them
Susan Fiske finds that we tend to categorize Thems along two axes: “warmth” and “competence”... as you imagine her sitting at dinner, enjoying that food, you are thinking of her as an individual, the surest way to weaken automatic categorization of someone as a Them....Replace essentialism with individuation:
dialogue  prejudice  ingroup  tribalism  fiske  sapolsky 
may 2019 by Walpole
The Party of Lincoln Is Now the Party of Trump - The New York Times
The evidence is rather clear that the modern hyper-polarization is far more characterized by tribal division than by ideological distance. The real story seems to be the growing us-versus-them, in-group/out-group dynamic.
DEMOCRACY  persuasion  politics  polarisation  tribalism 
october 2017 by Walpole

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