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Building decoupled Drupal sites in 2019 | Mika Aguilar

Generally speaking, however, Drupal 8 is a really robust solution. The cache tags system is mostly a joy and using in in tandem with Varnish is relatively simple and super performant.
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14 days ago by WimLeers
Sensible Software Engineering | Undrinkable Kool-Aid

Most people use tests and agile planning as crutches to get around having to unambiguously specify their software systems with more high level formalisms.

Whenever I’ve approached a new system the bottleneck has never been writing more code. The bottleneck has always been in understanding all the implicit assumptions baked into the system that for one reason or another are essential to its correctness. Pretending that the system and the runtime traces of the system are the specification is why there is always a shortage of programmers. It takes a particular kind of masochist to enjoy reverse engineering a black box from just poking at it with simple linear impulses. If these systems had more formal foundations then there would be no shortage because we could teach people the general formalism and let them figure out the runtime mappings.
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6 weeks ago by WimLeers
Gatsby Inc's Product & Engineering Hiring Philosophy | GatsbyJS

Team structure: we’re remote and pay well
First, we’re remote and pay well to support our talent strategy

The need to find domain experts is core to our mission and has shaped our organization. Because of who we’re trying to hire, we’ve become:

Remote. We decided to be a remote team because our contributor base and talent pool are globally distributed.

Generously paid… Some remote organizations try to pay close to local wages; we try to pay close to Silicon Valley wages.

…with generous benefits. 3 weeks of expected vacation, 3 months of paid parental leave and a 4-week Gatsby Sabbatical after 4 years of employment are unusual (at least for US-based companies ☺). We’re typically not trying to recruit engineers who are just out of college; with the level of seniority we’ve recruited for, most of us are between 27 and 40. That’s the time of life when many people settle into long-term relationships and consider, or start, having children. They start to value not just dedication, but also working smart and avoiding burnout. Our goal as a company is to support your long-term plans.

Creating the right “seniority mix”
Because our modus operandi has been to start by recruiting domain experts and senior engineers, we have created an organization that is unusually senior.

Most organizations – either tech companies, startups, or agencies – aren’t like this! The best analogies are probably other open-source-based or developer tools companies, such as Honeycomb and Apollo.

A smoothly functioning organization needs alignment between seniority level and project complexity across the organization:

If a mid-level dev is assigned a domain-expert-complexity project, they will likely be overwhelmed and make little progress.

If a domain expert is assigned a mid-level-complexity project, they will likely be bored and produce sloppy work.

(There are more failure cases, but these are two common ones.)
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7 weeks ago by WimLeers
Add Query Tag [#3029255] |
Thank you both and the rest of the drupal jsonapi team for making the jsonapi module. It is proving to be a miracle in web development even out of the box.
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11 weeks ago by WimLeers
Aantal klachten over welwillendheidsattesten bijna verdubbeld in 2018

Een arbeidsongeschiktheidsattest is in ons land niet verplicht maar heel wat bedrijven kunnen het wel vragen vanaf de eerste dag afwezigheid wegens ziekte op het werk als ze dat in het arbeidsreglement opnemen.
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january 2019 by WimLeers
Xconomy: "Pre-IPO" Acquia Lands Another $30M, Sees Sales Topping $56M

The company remains committed to sponsoring development of the open-source content management system it’s based on, with House telling me that a team working under Buytaert is developing some advanced page-editing tools that it hopes will be included in the upcoming release of Drupal 8.
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january 2019 by WimLeers
On developer happiness : programming

I was talking to a co-worker who is planning to leave (I am too) and has another job offer lined up. Last week he echoed what a senior developer once told about job happiness. It's three things and to keep it simple:
1- That you enjoy who you work with.
2- That you believe in the project.
3- That you're happy with the salary.

If 2/3 of those factors are met, then for the most part you'll be happy. I tend to agree because at my current company,I'm only happy with one factor (1).
Regarding the third point, I think a lot more employees would find more motivation if raises were given through the year rather than one annual raise. I remember at previous employers (not in tech/this field), it was pretty motivating and part of the excitement to see if you got a raise each paycheck. It was almost like a surprise. It was also like feedback for what you were doing immediately.
I'd also say a major 4th point:
4- That you have time flexibility.
I notice the increase in remote work and the demand of employees for remote work. Companies better start integrating this more if they don't want to fall behind. In my current position, I think I'd take the opportunity to work remote 100% of the time even if it means -5% in pay. That or have services like Selina where you can work from different remote offices around the world every/every other month. Things also get lost in translation less when communication is written (like through slack).
It's asking for a lot of people to stay at their desks 8 hours/day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year for the next few years/decades if they know they could get it done from home or on the go. A large chunk of the community want to see the world. We're not interested that you're "trying to look good" by showing off your offices to your clients. If you want your engineers happy and your company to be scalable for the long term, adapt. After all, your competition probably is.
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january 2019 by WimLeers
the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming – The Composition

Downhill Invention, Uphill Analysis

This is counterintuitive: it’s easier to build a system from scratch, constructing the mental model as you go along, than to form an understanding of how an already-built system works.

Valentino Braitenberg illustrates this principle in his book Vehicles. He calls it the Principle of Downhill Invention, Uphill Analysis.

Why are there a thousand JavaScript frameworks out there? because it’s easier to build your own than to gain an understanding of React. Even with hundreds of people contributing to documentation, it’s still more mental effort to form a mental model of an existing system than to construct your own. (I didn’t say it was faster, but less cognitively strenuous.)

Not Invented Here syndrome? laziness. Greenfield development? Of course people like it! it’s much easier than getting your head around legacy code.

Software is not a craft.
We aren’t housepainters. Competence is not supreme in a shifting, complex system. Our users’ needs change, our technologies change, and every change we undertake is one we’ve never made before. We cannot possess all the skills we need; our secret weapon is learning, never perfection.

Software is not an art.
Neither are we creating a portrait or a poem, where there is such a thing as “done.” What we build affects people more directly than works of art. To do this it must keep running, it must work on their devices, it must keep changing. Software has a greater power to change people by changing the world, but these systems are more than one person can make, and they never complete.

Serious software development is the practice of symmathesy.
Software is not Art. Software is the next thing after art. It is something new, that we’ve never been able to do before.

And that implies that our current time is the next thing after the Renaissance. We are developing whole new ways of being human together. I am thrilled to be a part of this, and to be in the thick of it. To be more than a craftsperson, more even than a developer.

I am a Symmathecist, in the medium of software. (sim-MATH-uh-sist)
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december 2018 by WimLeers
This Is the Number 1 Sign of High Intelligence, According to Jeff Bezos |

Bezos has "observed that the smartest people are constantly revising their understanding, reconsidering a problem they thought they'd already solved. They're open to new points of view, new information, new ideas, contradictions, and challenges to their own way of thinking," Fried reports the Amazon boss saying.

"He doesn't think consistency of thought is a particularly positive trait," Fried reports. "It's perfectly healthy -- encouraged, even -- to have an idea tomorrow that contradicts your idea today."
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november 2018 by WimLeers
Jeff Bezos Tells New Amazon Employees There Isn't a Work-Life Balance. Here's What He Says Instead | Money

Historically, the world’s richest man has a nontraditional approach to work: He makes time for breakfast every morning with his family, doesn’t set his alarm before going to bed, schedules surprisingly few meetings, and still sets aside a few minutes every day to wash his own dishes.

This counterintuitive approach to maintaining a healthy symmetry within his professional and personal pursuits is one of the chief pieces of advice Bezos offers his staff.

“This work-life harmony thing is what I try to teach young employees and actually senior executives at Amazon too. But especially the people coming in,” he said. “I get asked about work-life balance all the time. And my view is, that’s a debilitating phrase because it implies there’s a strict trade-off.”

Instead of viewing work and life as a balancing act, Bezos said that it’s more productive to view them as two integrated parts.

“It actually is a circle. It’s not a balance,” Bezos said.

Bezos said that the relationship between his work life and personal life is reciprocal, and that he doesn’t compartmentalize them into two competing time constraints.

“If I am happy at home, I come into the office with tremendous energy,” said Bezos. “And if I am happy at work, I come home with tremendous energy. You never want to be that guy — and we all have a coworker who’s that person — who, as soon as they come into a meeting, they drain all the energy out of the room … You want to come into the office and give everyone a kick in their step.”
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november 2018 by WimLeers
Measuring is for students | Mike Veerman

So, back to manager metrics. How many days are in a Story Point? It doesn’t matter. What is the Definition of Done? When it’s good enough to ship.

Most managers don’t know how to deliver software. They have a recipe in mind, though.

When you are in the Shu-phase, you’ll look for clear instructions. Hard metrics. Rules. A step-by-step plan. We measure the things we don’t understand. That’s perfect for learning, but at a certain point, the training wheels have to come off.

Measuring is for students. Delivering is for masters.
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november 2018 by WimLeers
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