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Westwind Stewardship Group
A recommended gathering place for large groups. Commercial kitchen for serving up to 60 people. Cabins with electricity and heat. Beautiful beach, private by way of natural formation.

"Westwind has functioned for centuries with only minor human impact. For this our children can thank two sources: the Native American tribes for whom the Salmon River area was home ground well into the 20th century, and the YWCA of Greater Portland (YWCA), which acquired the site in the mid-1930s. For over seven decades the YWCA’s rustic summer camp has introduced thousands of children to the natural world and given them a solid sense of place.

Westwind is located on the mouth of the Salmon River, between Neskowin and Lincoln City. It lies within the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area (CHSRA) and the United Nations designated “Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve,” and adjacent to the proposed Cascade Head Marine Reserve. Its rare combination of marine, estuarine and upland forest habitats are accessible only by vessel across the Salmon River Estuary.

Westwind is protected both by the constraints of the US Forest Service administered CHSRA (to operate at roughly the same scale and intensity as its use in 1974) and a conservation easement granted to the State of Oregon in 2006 as part of the acquisition of the property by WSG. Westwind’s facilities include a historic lodge, a learning center, 15 rustic cabins, a 10-acre farm, a two-mile emergency access road and over 400 acres of largely wild land."
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