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Perch CMS Expansions for Typinator on Vimeo
Typinator is a text expansion tool for Mac. Here's a a screencast demo of a Typinator Perch CMS Expansion set.
perch  cms  code  shortcuts  text  tools  typinator  mac  productivity 
march 2018 by abberdab
Country list for Perch CMS
A comma separated country list with pipe separated ISO codes. Mainly to use for the Perch CMS form input select options.
perch  cms  code  forms  lists 
march 2018 by abberdab
Our Articles | Viget
Nice reference articles on everything from color palettes to design systems to code snippets, unfortunately it doesn't have an RSS feed. :(
articles  ux  reference  design  process  content  code  strategy 
august 2017 by abberdab
A little something to help build documentation pages.

Instead of dropping in a block of markup to render as a demo, then copying and pasting it into a pre/code block, then escaping it—then going back and updating both the rendered code and the escaped code should something change: now you just wrap the code you’re rendering in a div and it generates a copy/pastable source snippet. Credit to @ugomobi for the original idea, which is in use on the jQuery Mobile docs.
documentation  tools  code  codeblocks  demo  styleguides  pattern-libraries 
august 2013 by abberdab

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