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Web Designer & Illustrator • Jay George • Web Designer
Hi! I'm Jay, a freelance web designer based in London. My passion is standing at the intersection of design, the web, and business.
Let's talk about your business.
freelance  personal-sites  examples  business  business-model  designer  developer  perch  cms  html  email 
june 2017 by abberdab
Responsive HTML Email Templates for Download
Building HTML email is hard and time consuming. Use these templates to get that job done quickly so you can get back to other important stuff.
html  email  templates  download  dev 
september 2016 by abberdab
Snappy | Collaborative Customer Service
Used and recommended by the Perch people. Looks just like email to clients.
email  support  SAAS  helpdesk 
july 2013 by abberdab
Help Desk Software | Customer Support Software
Used by the Editorially team. Transparent to clients whose experience is through email.
email  software  support  SAAS  helpdesk 
july 2013 by abberdab
Landing in the Inbox | Campaign Monitor
There's a common myth that once you team up with an Email Service Provider (ESP) like Campaign Monitor to create and send email campaigns, you can leave all your list management and delivery concerns to them. As much as we all wish this was the case, getting into inboxes is very much a team effort - both senders and the companies that help create and deliver their emails must work together to ensure that as many messages as possible make it to recipients.
email  design  deliverability 
june 2013 by abberdab
Introducing Subscribe Pages - Campaign Monitor
Hot on the heels of the new Subscribe Button, today I'm happy to announce another simple tool that makes it easy to grow your audience with Campaign Monitor. As of today, every list in your account now has its very own Subscribe Page, a simple, customizable page that lets anyone join your list - no coding required.
mobile  email  forms  rwd 
june 2013 by abberdab
Adding bulletproof background images and buttons to your email newsletters - Campaign Monitor
While it's possible to get background images to display in (almost) every email client, for many the techniques involved have always been considered 'too tricky' to code into email newsletters. However, our talented (and handsome) Stig has decided to change all that with two new code generators.
email  html  background-images  css  generator 
february 2013 by abberdab
FollowUp > Email Reminders and Tasks
Stop forgetting! Remember to FollowUp

* Schedule your email to-do list
* Close more deals
* Earn respect by staying on track
email  productivity  reminders  business 
february 2013 by abberdab
HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.5 updated 11/5
Sweetness. All the known HTML email client idiosyncracies addressed in one fell swoop.
html  email  template  boilerplate  framework 
january 2012 by abberdab
Inside the New .Mac Webmail Client - Campaign Monitor Blog
How to circumvent the less than perfect rendering of css in .mac's webmail program.
css  email  crossbrowser  mac  dev  www  how-to 
december 2006 by abberdab
A CSS Solution to Image Blocking - Campaign Monitor Blog
Tips for styling alternate content for when images are turned off - uses span tags and relative positioning. Neat technique!
css  email  standards  accessibility  dev  ux  www  how-to 
december 2006 by abberdab

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