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Fantastic article about alternatives to media queries when building responsive sites. Nice!!!

"Thanks to media queries, we can create sites that work on any device. Without them the current web simply couldn't work. But there are other options as well. In certain situations, a different
viewports  css  viewport-units  rwd  fluid  layout 
january 2016 by abberdab
Fluid Squares v2. A responsive grid experiment.
A HTML5 fluid grid framework whose units remain square.
Column widths increase or decrease to suit your display size using Media Queries.
It’s Mobile First, CSS is written for small displays, with Media Queries incorporated as display size increases.
It works on all modern desktop browsers, as well as iOS, Android and BlackBerry’s mobile WebKit browsers.
Uses css3-mediaqueries.js to work in IE or any browser that supports JavaScript but not Media Queries.
fluid  squares  css  grid  dev  www  layout  rwd 
september 2011 by abberdab

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