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Sharp Grotesk
Like Frutiger’s Univers, Sharp Grotesk spans the gamut and explores the edges of what is possible in sans-serif typography, organizing the resulting family by width and weight using a numeric system of font naming.

The superfamily consists of 14 roman/italic pairs. The style names correspond with a number: 05 - 25, which represents the 21 widths in which Sharp Grotesk is available. For example: the narrowest and boldest font in the family is ‘Sharp Grotesk Black Italic - 05’. The thinnest and widest font in the family is ‘Sharp Grotesk Thin - 25’.
fonts  typography  condensed  poster  compressed  titling  super-family 
february 2019 by abberdab
Forgotten Shapes
The assortment of commercially available fonts is in constant flux. Typeface design is inevitably informed by media-specific conditions and the aesthetic discourse of the day. A further layer of complexity derives from the attitudes of the foundry and designers involved. Within each typeface, the entire context of its origin is subtly stored. Once released, additional perspectives accrue through its application.

Forgotten Shapes publishes digital reconstructions of typefaces that have somehow vanished. We revive such typefaces according to the guiding principle of Werktreue—that is, in a form as faithful to the original as possible. Extensive research forms the point of departure for all projects. Accompanying articles emphasize the background of each typeface in an appropriate narration along the found sources. These articles lead to an archive in which type design recalls fragments of its genesis.
fonts  foundry  historical 
july 2018 by abberdab
Salvaje Display | Coppers and Brasses
Salvaje Display is a typeface consisting of two distinct styles. Part of the broader Salvaje type family designed by Typozon, these typefaces draw their inspiration from the birds-of-paradise who only live in one part of the world: New Guinea-Australia. These rainforest birds have over time evolved in a very interesting visual way; they can radically transform their shape and the way they look—from very subtle to striking and elaborate—using many attributes unique to their species. This type family emulates this distinct behavior—the display version uses a very high contrast to be as dynamic, loud and noticeable as possible, and the upcoming text version shows a much lower contrast which makes it more neutral, readable and discreet. This attention seeking display typeface cleverly combines all of these attributes in its flamboyant parade.
fonts  display 
july 2018 by abberdab
Archetype, Digital Typography Design Tool by Our Own Thing, using Google web fonts
Create type pairs, set a modular scale, tweak spacing between a basic type ramp of H1-H6 and paragraphs.

A nice alternative to Typecast when all you want to do is choose some fonts (Google or local fonts only) and test your typographic pairing and grid — no layout to confuse things.
css  design  fonts  tools  typography  google 
january 2018 by abberdab
100 Days of Fonts
100 Days of Fonts is a personal creative project inspired by Elle Luna the 100 Day Project. Every day for the last 99 days, I designed and coded a combination of Google Fonts, the result of which lives on this page.
design  fonts  free  google  inspiration  lists  webfonts  typography 
october 2017 by abberdab
Commercial Type: Robinson by Greg Gazdowicz
RELEASES | 13 SEPTEMBER 2016 A concise family of 5 weights, Robinson is the first release by Commercial Type designer
wishlist  contemporary  fonts  calligraphic  sans-serif  typography 
october 2016 by abberdab
State of Web Type
Tracks browser support for advanced typographic features.
reference  css  typography  browser-support  caniuse  crossbrowser  fonts  www 
july 2016 by abberdab
FontShop Letternews - Fonts for Editorial Design
Good editorial design makes communication easy. Only the best stories, with compelling illustration and photography, and outstanding typographic schemes can power the editorial staff through to their next publications.
typography  editorial  design  fonts 
june 2016 by abberdab
"Equity" font at Typography for Lawyers
Intro­duc­ing Equity, a text font I’ve designed, inspired by legal typog­ra­phy and the needs of legal writ­ers.

Equity is mod­eled on one of my favorite fonts of the 1930s, Mono­type Ehrhardt. Like Times New Roman, Ehrhardt was made under the super­vi­sion of Stan­ley Mori­son. Morison’s goal was a hand­some face in the Jan­son style, but with the space-saving fea­tures that had made Times New Roman such a hit. So Equity is rooted in the virtues of clas­sic, ele­gant let­ter­press typog­ra­phy.
typography  fonts  wishlist 
december 2012 by abberdab
"Concourse" font at Typography for Lawyers
Intro­duc­ing Con­course, a sans serif fam­ily that takes inspi­ra­tion from the great geo­met­ric sans ser­ifs of the 1930s, but that doesn’t skimp on ver­sa­til­ity, warmth, or per­son­al­ity.

Con­course was orig­i­nally intended to be a revival of Metro, an under­rated sans serif of the the early 1930s. (Metro was also the first type­face by future type-design hero William A. Dwig­gins.)

But when I revis­ited sam­ples of Metro, I real­ized that even though there was much I still liked about it, there was just as much that seemed dated and uneven. Concourse needed to go its own way. And it did.
typography  fonts  wishlist 
december 2012 by abberdab
How to use the symbolset fonts!
css  fonts  symbols  typography  dev  www 
december 2012 by abberdab
Circe - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts
Clean news sans by A. Korolkova Art Deco flavor with alts Swashes galore!
fonts  wishlist 
august 2011 by abberdab
Jessica Hische — Brioche Font
Designed by Jessica Hische, it’s a versatile roman, modeled after a cornucopia of 19th century samples with the inclusion of, as Ms Hische puts it, “Some special swashy characters!” It’s perfect for (again borrowing from Ms Hische), “Weddings, snobby cocktail menus and anything remotely old-fashioned.”
fonts  wishlist 
june 2011 by abberdab
The Great Typekit Table – Sleepover
Paragraph-worthy text at Typekit. Windows performance rated, too.
fonts  typography  windows  design  www 
january 2011 by abberdab

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