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Carbon Design System
What is the Carbon Design System?
Carbon is the design system for IBM Cloud products. It is a series of individual styles, components, and guidelines used for creating unified UI.
styleguide  component-libraries  opensource  css  html  components 
june 2018 by abberdab
Introduction · Front-End Developer Handbook 2018
This guide for front-end folks covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and lists learning resources and development tools.
css  html  javascript  front-end  front-end-design  best-practices 
april 2018 by abberdab
<a> - HTML | MDN
Includes alternatives to opening a new window: "noopener" for security, "download" for files meant to be downloaded, etc.
html  a11y  accessibility  markup  links  security 
november 2017 by abberdab
A Responsive Accessible Table | Adrian Roselli
After writing (again) that it is ok to use tables, and after providing quick examples of responsive tables, I received questions about why I used some of the code I did. I am going to attempt to break it down to give you enough information to make your own responsive, accessible table because my example will likely not fit your case precisely (or closely?).
a11y  css  html  responsive  tables  accessibility 
november 2017 by abberdab
Responsive images with srcset and sizes attributes vs picture element – Learnedia
This article is a tutorial to help you understand these underused or misused HTML <img> tag attributes for responsive images. I will also talk about picture vs srcset and when to use each technique.
responsive-images  responsive-design  picture-element  srcset  sizes  web  images  performance  mobile  picture  html  html5  bandwidth  crossbrowser  firefox  chrome  progressive-enhancement 
october 2017 by abberdab
Web Designer & Illustrator • Jay George • Web Designer
Hi! I'm Jay, a freelance web designer based in London. My passion is standing at the intersection of design, the web, and business.
Let's talk about your business.
freelance  personal-sites  examples  business  business-model  designer  developer  perch  cms  html  email 
june 2017 by abberdab
Responsive HTML Email Templates for Download
Building HTML email is hard and time consuming. Use these templates to get that job done quickly so you can get back to other important stuff.
html  email  templates  download  dev 
september 2016 by abberdab
Cropping Image Thumbnails with SVG
Our friend Aaron Parecki recently blogged about a technique he used for centering and cropping image thumbnails using CSS. It
cropping  svg  css  images  html  www 
august 2016 by abberdab
Creating an EPUB for Workshop Notes
Nifty process article about how Rachel Andrew creates epubs on the fly for her in-person workshops — from her canonical CSS Layout info that she maintains online.
pub  perch  html  css  panic  workshops  lesson-plans  cms  www 
june 2016 by abberdab
Frend — A collection of accessible, modern front-end components.
Frend components are modest and dependency-free. They are built with web standards as a priority and aim to avoid assumptions about tooling or environment.
accessibility  css  html  standards  patterns  www 
may 2016 by abberdab
Designing For Print With CSS – Smashing Magazine
If you mention printing with CSS to many people who work on the web, print style sheets1 are the use that comes to mind. We are all well used to creating a style sheet that is called upon when a web
css  html  Design  www 
december 2015 by abberdab
20 HTML Elements for Better Text Semantics
Armando Roggio runs through 20 different HTML elements that you can use to mark up various parts of text on your web pages. Some of these might be new to you.
html  basics  semantics  semanticweb  www 
november 2014 by abberdab
Responsive Newsletter Form
In an attempt to simplify sign-ups, this form was created.
css  html  js  forms  rwd  www 
august 2014 by abberdab
Using SVG | CSS-Tricks
SVG is an image format for vector graphics. It literally means Scalable Vector Graphics. Basically, what you work with in Adobe Illustrator. You can use SVG on the web pretty easily, but there is plenty you should know.

Why use SVG at all?
Small file sizes that compress well
Scales to any size without losing clarity (except very tiny)
Looks great on retina displays
Design control like interactivity and filters
css  html  svg  how-to  dev  design  www 
march 2013 by abberdab
Adding bulletproof background images and buttons to your email newsletters - Campaign Monitor
While it's possible to get background images to display in (almost) every email client, for many the techniques involved have always been considered 'too tricky' to code into email newsletters. However, our talented (and handsome) Stig has decided to change all that with two new code generators.
email  html  background-images  css  generator 
february 2013 by abberdab
Responsive Data Table · CodePen
Super slick mobile friendly tables.
css  html  tables  rwd  www  sass 
november 2012 by abberdab
Comprehensive list of Textile syntax.
html  markup  tools  textile  editor  www 
june 2012 by abberdab
HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.5 updated 11/5
Sweetness. All the known HTML email client idiosyncracies addressed in one fell swoop.
html  email  template  boilerplate  framework 
january 2012 by abberdab
Accesskey standards | clagnut/blog
Standard Accesskeys and a comparison of their use by different standard bearers.
accessibility  standards  access-keys  reference  xhtml  html  dev  ux  www 
may 2007 by abberdab
Prevent <A>norexic </A>nchors! Tame your internal links.
Prevent <A>norexic </A>nchors! Tame your internal links.
semanticweb  markup  html  standards  XHTML  dev  www 
may 2007 by abberdab

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