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Definitive Guide to Taming the IE6 Beast
Most recent (as of June 2009) recap of the best/most successful IE6 tips and tricks.
css  ie6  dev  www 
july 2009 by abberdab
IE Doubled Float-Margin Bug - CSS fixes and workarounds
Fix the double margin easily with display:inline;
css  float  ie  doublefloat  ie6  bugfix  dev  www 
january 2008 by abberdab
Supposedly adds IE7 functionality to IE5.5+. Huh!
css  ie6  javascript  png  dev  www 
december 2007 by abberdab
24 ways: Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6
Supposedly, links will work with this method even when contained within an element that has a transparent png background.
png  css  transparency  ie6  javascript  dev  design  www 
december 2007 by abberdab

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