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Other component articles have already explored the advantages of using lists to enhance assistive technology users' experience. Briefly:
Screen readers provide shortcuts to lists and between list items
Screen readers enumerate the items so users know how many are available
a11y  accessibility  css  design  cards  lists  components  focus  focus-within  layout  flexbox  grid  clip 
june 2018 by abberdab
Country list for Perch CMS
A comma separated country list with pipe separated ISO codes. Mainly to use for the Perch CMS form input select options.
perch  cms  code  forms  lists 
march 2018 by abberdab
100 Days of Fonts
100 Days of Fonts is a personal creative project inspired by Elle Luna the 100 Day Project. Every day for the last 99 days, I designed and coded a combination of Google Fonts, the result of which lives on this page.
design  fonts  free  google  inspiration  lists  webfonts  typography 
october 2017 by abberdab
Getting Started -- Pointed Pen | Bespoke by Leslie ǀ Modern Calligraphy
The supplies I bought didn't give me the graceful lines that I saw most modern calligraphers could achieve. I wondered what I was doing wrong for a long time until I realized it was the materials I was working with! So to save you all the time, research, and trial & error, I've compiled a list of MY favorite tools to help you get started.
calligraphy  pointed-pen  lists  resources 
july 2017 by abberdab

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