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Create A Basic Portfolio Filtering System by Brian Haferkamp on CodePen
One of the things I'm often looking for but can't find is a basic filtering system for portfolio items. It seems like the ones I find online are too complicated or bloated. They're trying to do way too much. So I created a basic framework for a portfolio filtering system that works great as-is. You can also fork it and add any bells and whistles you want.
codepen  portfolio  filtering  jQuery  gallery  images  css  design  grid 
october 2017 by abberdab
Fabris Photography
Photographer’s portfolio website example
photography  portfolio  personal-sites  examples 
september 2017 by abberdab
CSS Grid Layout Slideshow | Demo 1 | Codrops
Demo of a fantastic idea for a portfolio layout or moodboard. Sweet.
css  grid  slideshow  moodboard  portfolio  ideas  inspiration 
july 2017 by abberdab
CSS Grid Layout Slideshow | Codrops
Fantastic idea for a portfolio layout using grid. Or for presenting moodboards! Sweet.
css  layout  grid  portfolio  ideas  inspiration  moodboard 
july 2017 by abberdab
Responsive Web Design Examples — Responsive Web Design
Really nice examples of responsive design. Not your usual listicle. Also represents a current way of representing responsive design in all the various sundry devices it might appear.
rwd  rwd:inspiration  examples  inspiration  portfolio  demonstration 
august 2016 by abberdab
CSS Framework for PartsGiant – David Bushell – Web Design & Front-end Development (based in Manchester, UK)
I was hired to build the PartsGiant front-end CSS framework and HTML templates. The work would be done in stages throughout the year. This required flexibility on my part and scalability in the codebase I developed.
examples  casestudies  portfolio  freelance  front-end  styleguides  pattern-libraries 
january 2016 by abberdab

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