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WordPress › Support » get content of specific page
Contains code for placing the content of a specific page into your theme. Useful for pulling content out of a deeper page onto the template for the front page, for example, while also being able to show the post loop.
wordpress  themes  pages  posts  dev  www 
december 2010 by abberdab
A Page of Posts « Pages « WordPress Codex
Display a loop of posts for a given category on a Page. If one wishes to avoid dealing with the whole custom-post-type thing, this is another option.
posts  pages  wordpress  loop  category  cms 
december 2010 by abberdab
A Page of Posts for a Custom Post Type « Pages « WordPress Codex
A very handy description of what it takes to display a page of posts for a custom post type. Even uses a "book" post type as an example. Great reference for PPP.
wordpress  posts  custom-post-types  book  cms  archive  loop 
december 2010 by abberdab
Post Formats vs. Custom Post Types « Mark on WordPress
Some people are confused about the Post Formats feature that will be made available to themes in WordPress 3.1, especially how it differs from Custom Post Types. Post Types were poorly named. Think: Custom Content Types.
wordpress  posts  custom-post-types  custom-post-formats  cms 
december 2010 by abberdab
Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0
Of interest in regards to the PPP project. Perhaps create a custom post type for books?
wordpress  cms  posts  custom-post-types 
december 2010 by abberdab

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