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Let’s write books in HTML! HTMLBook is an open, XHTML5-based standard for the authoring and production of both print and digital books. HTMLBook is built on the following premises:

Books are timeless. The basic “book” structure has persisted for hundreds of years and will continue to persist for our lifetimes, be it in digital or print form.
HTML is the markup language of the world for the foreseeable future.
Single-source document processing will remain valuable for the foreseeable future.
semantics  ebooks  html5  epub  css  naming-conventions  reference 
august 2018 by abberdab
Our Articles | Viget
Nice reference articles on everything from color palettes to design systems to code snippets, unfortunately it doesn't have an RSS feed. :(
articles  ux  reference  design  process  content  code  strategy 
august 2017 by abberdab
WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1
The mother of all lists of accessible web patterns. Awesome.
a11y  accessibility  reference  patterns  development  components  html5  semantics  semanticweb 
july 2017 by abberdab
Contrast – Guide
Nice designer-targeted summary of the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines for contrast.
reference  wcag  a11y  design  accessibility 
july 2017 by abberdab
FlexBox cheatsheet
A really nice example of its type — clicking on the properties demonstrated copies them to the clipboard!
cheatsheet  flexbox  css  reference 
june 2017 by abberdab
PHP The Right Way
There's a lot of outdated information on the Web that leads new PHP users astray, propagating bad practices and insecure code. PHP: The Right Way is an easy-to-read, quick reference.
reference  php  best-practices 
august 2016 by abberdab
State of Web Type
Tracks browser support for advanced typographic features.
reference  css  typography  browser-support  caniuse  crossbrowser  fonts  www 
july 2016 by abberdab
Useful resources for user story mapping
Fairly comprehensive list of user story mapping resources.
user-stories  education  story-mapping  reference  agile 
june 2016 by abberdab
You Might Not Need jQuery
Examples of how to do common event, element, ajax and utility operations with plain javascript.
jquery  javascript  library  development  reference 
july 2015 by abberdab
pantone skin color spectrum
A fascinating project + handy ref. for illustrators and colorists. Angelica Dass’ Pantone Skin Color Spectrum
art  color  reference 
july 2012 by abberdab
Samplings of Weft Knit and Warp Knit Fabrics - Threads
All weft knits fall into three basic categories: rib knits, which are a combination of knit and purl stitches; purl knits, which are made with purl stitches alone, and jersey knits, which are made with knits stitches on the front and purl stitches on the reverse (see the drawings above)...
sewing  fabric  reference  knits 
february 2012 by abberdab
Graphic Design Basics
This series of hueristics will provide learners with the building blocks of graphic design. In our fast paced world where sound bytes tell stories and information doubles every 18 months, effective communication is critical. One aspect of effective communication is visual presentation. An inviting, well organized, stimulating, and contextually-sound visual presentation helps give meaning and substance to materials. This series will provide a foundation for people who are interested in improving their visual presentation techniques, either in print or on screen.
graphicdesign  reference 
october 2011 by abberdab
TinyMCE - formats
Format parameters (inline, block, selector, classes, wrapper, etc.) and their awesomenesses.
tinymce  reference  format 
october 2011 by abberdab
YUI Graded Browser Support
Grades the current browser landscape into A, B, and C. Useful for discussion the level of support expected for older browsers.
crossbrowser  browsers  reference  standards  dev  www 
june 2011 by abberdab
Wordpress Static Front Page
Set a page to be your static front page.
wordpress  reference  cms 
november 2007 by abberdab - /pics/bike/Catalogs/
Bike catalog scans, including a number of Raleigh catalogs.
vintage  reference  bicycling  catalog  history  raleigh 
september 2007 by abberdab
Accesskey standards | clagnut/blog
Standard Accesskeys and a comparison of their use by different standard bearers.
accessibility  standards  access-keys  reference  xhtml  html  dev  ux  www 
may 2007 by abberdab

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