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Beatrice Display
Very interesting! Good personality.

Beatrice is a new kind of typeface. The family is an exploration of contrast methodologies, combining various aspects from the canon expansionist systems, inverted contrast, and the contrast behavior of standard sans-serif grotesks. These methodologies were dissected and used as cornerstones in building our own system, with the final result landing largely in unexplored territory. Built on the foundation of a traditional American Gothic but with tight-as-can-be spacing, the superfamily spans a robust set of weights and includes 2 optical sizes: a super high-contrast, tightly packed Display cut, as well as a standard low-contrast cut, designed to function beautifully in a wide range of optical sizes.
font  display  text  wishlist  super-family 
july 2018 by abberdab
Perch CMS Expansions for Typinator on Vimeo
Typinator is a text expansion tool for Mac. Here's a a screencast demo of a Typinator Perch CMS Expansion set.
perch  cms  code  shortcuts  text  tools  typinator  mac  productivity 
march 2018 by abberdab
Codepen: Decorative Text Underline (SASS)
A nicer text underline. Variables set using Sass.
typography  underline  text  webbed  css  sass  examples 
july 2016 by abberdab
trunk8 | Rick Viscomi
trunk8 is an intelligent text truncation plugin to jQuery. When applied to a large block of text, trunk8 will cut off just enough text to prevent it from spilling over.
jquery  text  truncation  dev  www 
september 2012 by abberdab

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