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Fun places to learn CSS Layout -  Part 1: Flexbox - Stéphanie Walter, Visual and UX Designer, Mobile enthusiast
Come nice people built quite a few and even fun tools to help you learn and master [flexbox] so that you will be ready when they will be supported everywhere.
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may 2017 by abberdab
Switch to Sketch | Craft by InVision
Getting started with Sketch This is an 8-part video series covering Sketch design basics and design workflow
tutorials  videos  sketch-app 
november 2016 by abberdab
Learning FlexboxSarah Parmenter - User Interface Designer.Sarah Parmenter - User Interface Designer.
Flexbox, at first, felt very alien to me. Having got used to all the weird quirks and workarounds of using floats for many years, flexbox solved things, quickly, but I wasn’t entirely sure of why. It reminded me of the first time you learned the clearfix method. You were happy it worked, but weren’t entirely sure why.

I started breaking down each section and quickly realised a lot of the tutorials online referred to, flex-grow, flex-shrink and flex-basis as three different declarati...
css  flexbox  tutorials 
september 2015 by abberdab

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