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Typography Inspector - Chrome Web Store
Typography Inspector analyses the typography on your site and helps you improve it.

Use Typography Inspector to show how close your line width and line height are to the recommended setting for an average paragraph. It can also show you the typographic color of your text elements.
css  typography  chrome  extension  tools  utilities 
april 2017 by abberdab
jwagner/smartcrop.js · GitHub
Smartcrop.js implements an algorithm to find good crops for images. Image: by N. Feans Demos Algorithm Overview Smartcrop.js works using fairly
images  javascript  cropping  utilities  photography 
december 2015 by abberdab
Responsive Design Test Bookmarklet by
This lets you view any webpage in multiple screen sizes, simulating the viewport of different devices.
testing  utilities  rwd  dev  www 
february 2012 by abberdab
Oregon Utility Notification Center:1-800-332-2344
Underground facilities shall be marked in accordance with the following designated color code...
utilities  underground  excavation  digging  markings 
july 2011 by abberdab

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