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CSS Writing Mode
Recently, while editing some CSS in Opera inspector, I noticed a CSS property called writing-mode, this was the first time that I know of it. After some research, I learned that its purpose is for vertical language scripts, like Chinese or Japanese. However, the interesting thing is that when using it with English, we can create a vertical text very easily.
css  layout  typography  vertical  writing-mode 
august 2016 by abberdab
Use Cases For CSS Vertical Media Queries
Two weeks ago, Sara Soueidan tweeted about the love of CSS Vertical Media Queries, I’ve remembered that I used them in some projects and so I decided to write an article about them.

We all love media queries, don’t we? Without them our layouts won’t be responsive. Media queries that check for min-width and max-width are well-known and used a lot. In this article we will explore different use cases for using vertical media queries in CSS. So we will focus on min-height and max-height.
css  design  mediaqueries  vertical  navigation  landscape  rwd 
july 2016 by abberdab
Vertical Centering in CSS
"Venter" multiple lines of text within a div, table style.
vertical  centering  ventering  css  dev  www  how-to 
april 2009 by abberdab

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