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Stephanie Liu
When I was TA-ing a Responsive Web Design class for Girl Develop It several weeks ago, a great question was raised as to how to keep video embeds from losing their aspect ratio responsively. So I thought I’d do a quick post on how to maintain embed aspect ratios in a responsive site. And maybe I could even brush some dust off the accepted solution to this problem, especially now that we have CSS Grid ✨.
css  layout  video  responsive  design  development  methods  article  aspect  ratio  grid 
may 2017 by abberdab
A tool for generating responsive object embeds.
embeds  tools  youtube  vimeo  googlemaps  video  iframe  instagram  rwd 
september 2016 by abberdab
Marie Kondo Folds a Perfect Underwear Drawer - YouTube
The Japanese tidying guru packs socks, bras, panties, and more into a tiny space. How does she do it? Full story here:
tidying  video 
january 2016 by abberdab
Creating Website Handover Videos
When handing over a site to a client, a nice way to remind them of how to use their new CMS is to provide them with a little video walking them through the system. Here at Perch we create a lot of video using inexpensive tools. In this post I’ll show you how we do it.
handoff  video  client-education  documentation  projectmanagement 
october 2015 by abberdab
The Bundled Pricing Technique - Bidsketch
Most people show their fees to clients the same way:
They list the type of service being provided and give a price for each item.
Unfortunately, this can lead to low budget clients that focus on price. To top it off, it also invites clients to do a price comparison of your services.
So how do top agencies avoid this problem?
Check out this 60 second video to learn about the Bundled Pricing Technique
business  pricing  video 
august 2014 by abberdab
Free Forum Hosting -
Free forum hosting. Supports video in posts.
forum  hosted  free  video 
august 2009 by abberdab

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