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Itty bitty sites self-contained within their own link.
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july 2018 by abberdab
Responsive images with srcset and sizes attributes vs picture element – Learnedia
This article is a tutorial to help you understand these underused or misused HTML <img> tag attributes for responsive images. I will also talk about picture vs srcset and when to use each technique.
responsive-images  responsive-design  picture-element  srcset  sizes  web  images  performance  mobile  picture  html  html5  bandwidth  crossbrowser  firefox  chrome  progressive-enhancement 
october 2017 by abberdab
Intentional Typography
A series of typographic system and variable font demonstration pages
These pages are intended to showcase both typographic techniques applied to the web and the emerging Variable Font format. The typefaces featured are courtesy of their respective designers as noted. It would be remiss of me to not call out CJ Dunn and David Jonathan Ross in particular for their enthusiasm and generosity in beginning these demonstrations.
web  typography  variable-fonts  webfonts 
september 2017 by abberdab
Rethinking web design
Browsers operate on an evergreen update model now, so features and bug fixes get shipped much faster than we’re used to with traditional software. So the range of browsers with varying features is extremely wide. This is part of parcel of web design, where we layer on different styles and looks based on feature support. This is part of the new normal I want to see.
web  design  responsive  feature-queries  crossbrowser 
august 2017 by abberdab
scroll-behavior - CSS | MDN
With this property — The scrolling box can scroll in a smooth fashion using a user-agent-defined timing function over a user-agent-defined period of time. User agents should follow platform conventions, if any.
scrollbars  scrolling  behavior  animation  ux  css  web  development 
august 2017 by abberdab
Your Site—Any Site—Should be a PWA | Aaron Gustafson
The other day, Frances Berriman—who coined the term “Progressive Web App”—wrote a bit about how she came up with that name. In it she clearly points out that the name has become a little problematic in dev circles:

"I keep seeing folks (developers) getting all smart-ass saying they should have been PW “Sites” not “Apps” but I just want to put on the record that it doesn’t matter. The name isn’t for you and worrying about it is distraction from just building things that work better for everyone. The name is for your boss, for your investor, for your marketeer. It’s a way for you to keep making things on the open web, even those things that look really “app-y” and your company wants to actually make as a native app, 3 times over. They don’t want you to make websites anymore, but you still can if you’re sneaky, if you tell them it’s what they think they want."

As someone who is at once a practitioner, an educator, and a consultant on web projects, this can be tough to wrestle with. But like DHTML, Ajax, and HTML5 before, when viewed as a catch-all term for an approach to building stuff for the web it really shouldn’t matter that the word “app” is in there. Sure, it could have been “site” or “thang”, but when we—and I’m talking to the practitioners here—hear someone talking about PWAs, we need to take the broad view.
PWA  article  definition  terms  progressive-enhancement  web  development  responsive  design 
august 2017 by abberdab
Launching a Campaign Website…Quickly | Brad Frost
2 developers in 2 weeks design a campaign site with a nascent brand identity...
design  process  web  designing-in-the-browser  visual-inventory 
july 2017 by abberdab
Zoom Mocks: Bridging The Divide Between Styles And Page Design | Lullabot
As we evaluated these challenges within our process, our fundamental desire was to find a way to ensure that our design decisions were being made based on actual page elements and components in real-world context. The result of this process has been a new hybrid approach that we call “Zoom mocks”.
style-tiles  element-collages  mockups  design  process  web 
july 2017 by abberdab
PWA builder is a nice online tool that helps create Progressive Web Apps.
generator  pwa  offline  service-worker  web 
july 2017 by abberdab
Notes archive · Mathias Bynens
The idea is that every entry is like a note-to-self kind of thing. Every post is a mini-knowledge bomb I wish someone else had dropped before me, so I wouldn’t have had to research and write it.
blog  tips  web  development  developer  personal-sites  examples 
july 2017 by abberdab

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