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birch · PyPI
Simple hierarchical configuration for Python packages
programming  python  config  configuration  files  environment  variables 
june 2018 by acemarke
Object models / fuzzy notepad
A look at how Python, Javascript, Lua, and other languages implement objects/classes/OOP.
programming  javascript  python  class  classes  oop 
november 2017 by acemarke
Mixing Web and WAMP code with Twisted Klein
Examples of making WAMP calls from Twisted HTTP handlers.
programming  javascript  python  crossbar  wamp  async  http  bib 
november 2017 by acemarke
Alice in Python projectland · Vicki Boykis
A great article that talks about Python project structure from the ground up, ranging from basic scripts to modules with to publishing packages.
programming  python  packaging  packages  project  structure  bestpractices  tips 
october 2017 by acemarke
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