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Focus on the User - Local
Google’s general search algorithm thinks HolidayCheck has over 370 results that are more relevant than the most relevant result from Google+. But Google still gives Google+ preferential placement in search results.
extension  chrome  google  yelp  monopoly  searching  internet  freedom 
october 2018 by activescott
Global Internet Phenomena
The data in this edition of the Global Internet
Phenomena Report is drawn from Sandvine’s
installed base of over 150 Tier 1 and Tier 2 fixed and
mobile operators worldwide. The report does not
include significant data from either China or India,
but the data represents a portion of Sandvine’s 2.1B
subscribers installed base, a statistically significant
segment of the internet population.
This edition combines fixed and mobile data into a
single comprehensive view of internet traffic across
all network types. A future edition will break out
separate fixed and mobile traffic composition.
Statistics  market-research  internet  networking 
october 2018 by activescott
Submarine Cable Systems and map
Submarine Cable Systems - Below is a link to an interactive Submarine Cable Map that depicts US Domestic and International active subsea cable systems and their landing stations. In addition, below is a list of Proposed / Planned Submarine Cable Systems.
internet  infrastructure  cable  networking  international 
july 2018 by activescott
Fat Protocols | Union Square Ventures
by replicating and storing user data across an open and decentralized network rather than individual applications controlling access to disparate silos of information, we reduce the barriers to entry for new players and create a more vibrant and competitive ecosystem of products and services on top.
blockchain  internet  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  coinpoet:to:post 
february 2018 by activescott
2014 Internet Trends — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
We publish the Internet Trends report on an annual basis, but on occasion will highlight new insights. We will post any updates, revisions, or clarifications here.
research  marketing  internet 
june 2014 by activescott
About the Citizen Media Law Project | Citizen Media Law Project
CMLP's mission is to provide assistance, training, research, and other resources for individuals and organizations involved in online and citizen media. We aim to serve as a catalyst for creative thinking about the intersection of law and journalism on the Internet. Through the project’s website, the active engagement of lawyers and scholars, and occasional sponsored conferences, we are working to build a community of lawyers, academics, and others who are interested in facilitating citizen participation in online media and protecting the legal rights of those engaged in speech on the Internet.
law  legal  government  usa  journalism  internet 
march 2010 by activescott
Similar concepts to the books "How" (which was great) and "The World is Flat" (among others), but good analysis none-the-less.
business  economics  neweconomy  internet  advertising  marketing  technology  publish 
december 2009 by activescott
Web Application Acceleration and Performance Management, Streaming Media Services and Content Delivery.
internet  hosting  scalability  media  distribution 
march 2009 by activescott
Comcast to Place a Cap on Internet Downloads -
Beginning Oct. 1, Comcast will put a 250 gigabyte-a-month cap on residential users.
internet  news  comcast 
august 2008 by activescott
Enter all your passwords on their site and they will monitor your accounts all over the net. From banks and credit cards to your netflix activity and social networking sites. Includes iphone app too. Cool idea.
web  iphone  identity  tools  aggregator  internet  socialnetworking 
august 2008 by activescott
US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#800113 -
Another reason to use OpenDNS: "OpenDNS was never vulnerable to this class of attack at any time."
dns  programming  vulnerability  hack  security  networking  internet 
august 2008 by activescott
OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster Internet -
A really great service for anyone. Completely customizable DNS and easy to do it. Also reliable and much faster than the ISP's DNS I use in Russia.
dns  services  internet 
august 2008 by activescott
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone - Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Ohio -
Residential internet and phone service. Damn fast, affordable. Purportedly on the way to my neighborhood!
internet  usa  columbus  ohio  hosting 
april 2008 by activescott

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