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Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder –
Last night I was out with a dear friend who has been an engineering manager for a year now, and by two drinks in I was rattling off a long list things I always say to newer engineering managers. Then I remembered: I should write a post! It's one of my goals this year to write…
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10 weeks ago by adragomir
In Praise of A.D.H.D. - The New York Times
The disorder can be an asset in our frenetic world.
adhd  opinion  psychology 
march 2018 by adragomir
Docker, Inc is Dead
Aside from Uber, I can't think of a more utilized, hyped, and well funded Silicon Valley startup (still in operation) fumbling as bad as Docker did in 2017.
docker  opinion 
january 2018 by adragomir
Don’t Start a Blog, Start a Cult – Mr. Money Mustache
Craig Cannon [00:00] – Hey this is Craig Cannon and you’re listening to Y Combinator’s podcast. Today’s guest is Pete Adeney, also know as Mr. Money Mustache. He started blogging about it at where he’d write about his saving strategy, where he invested the money, and how he thought about life. His blog because super popular, especially among engineers, so he’s been one of the most requested guests for the podcast. I met up with Pete in Longmont, Colorado at the newly constructed Mr. Money Mustache headquarters and had a blast talking with him. I hope you enjoy this one. And before we get started, just want to let you know that the winter 2018 application is open. If you’d like to apply to YC the link is Alright here we go. The first question I had for you, not on the paper, is if I want to start a cult, like Mustachians, what are your pro tips?
opinion  interview  wtf 
october 2017 by adragomir
The Coming Software Apocalypse - The Atlantic
“Our current conception of what a computer program is,” he said, is “derived straight from Fortran and ALGOL in the late ’50s. Those languages were designed for punch cards.” That code now takes the form of letters on a screen in a language like C or Java (derivatives of Fortran and ALGOL), instead of a stack of cards with holes in it, doesn’t make it any less dead, any less indirect.
opinion  programming  sweng  complexity 
september 2017 by adragomir

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