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Sick of Ruby, dynamic typing, side effects, and basically object-oriented programming · Abe Voelker's blog
A blog post about "Sick of Ruby, dynamic typing, side effects, and basically object-oriented programming · Abe Voelker's blog". The author is learning Haskell as an alternative.
ruby  haskell  programming  testing  tdd 
10 weeks ago
newrelic/sidecar: Gossip-based service discovery. Docker native, but supports static discovery, too.
Sidecar is a dynamic service discovery platform requiring no external coordination service. It's a peer-to-peer system that uses a gossip protocol for all communication between hosts. Sidecar health checks local services and announces them to peer systems. It's Docker-native so your containerized applications work out of the box. It's designed to be Available, Partition tolerant, and eventually consistent—where "eventually" is a very short time window on the matter of a few seconds.
docker  haproxy  discovery  clustering 
11 weeks ago
PasswdSafe / Wiki / Home
Port of the Password Safe application to Android
android  passwordmanager  opensource 
11 weeks ago
Handy service for giving back a requested HTTP response code
http  tool  webservices 
october 2017
Pollen: the book is a program
Pollen is a publishing system that helps authors make functional and beautiful digital books.
books  publishing  writing 
september 2017
Fit for all men suits
Slim, tailored, or regular cut suits all have different defining features. Getting clued up on what each of these terms mean will make any suit buying journey much smoother.
suit  clothes 
september 2017
Mother Earth Mother Board | WIRED
A _long_ article exploring the places visited by the then longest cable in the world (1996).
internet  infrastructure  tourisim 
august 2017
A command-line tool to download photos from iCloud
icloud  apple  python  linux  photos  opensource 
august 2017
Simple webservice that can return user requested response codes
http  testing 
august 2017
Introducing ReShifter for Kubernetes: backup, restore, migration, upgrade
A cluster admin backup and restore tool for Kubernetes distros such as OpenShift.
kubernetes  backup  etcd 
july 2017
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