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import psycopg2 import psycopg2.extras import random db_params = { 'database': 'jobs', 'user': 'jobsuser', 'password': 'superSecret', 'host': '', 'port': '5432', } conn = psycopg2.connect(**db_params) cur = conn.cursor(cursor_factory=psycopg2.extras.DictCursor) def do_some_work(job_data): if random.choice([True, False]): print('do_some_work FAILED') raise Exception else: print('do_some_work SUCCESS') def process_job(): sql = """DELETE FROM message_queue WHERE id = ( SELECT id FROM message_queue WHERE status = 'new' ORDER BY created ASC FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED LIMIT 1 ) RETURNING *; """ cur.execute(sql) queue_item = cur.fetchone() print('message_queue says to process job id: ', queue_item['target_id']) sql = """SELECT * FROM jobs WHERE id =%s AND status='new_waiting' AND attempts <= 3 FOR UPDATE;""" cur.execute(sql, (queue_item['target_id'],)) job_data = cur.fetchone() if job_data: try: do_some_work(job_data) sql = """UPDATE jobs SET status = 'complete' WHERE id =%s;""" cur.execute(sql, (queue_item['target_id'],)) except Exception as e: sql = """UPDATE jobs SET status = 'failed', attempts = attempts + 1 WHERE id =%s;""" # if we want the job to run again, insert a new item to the message queue with this job id cur.execute(sql, (queue_item['target_id'],)) else: print('no job found, did not get job id: ', queue_item['target_id']) conn.commit() process_job() cur.close() conn.close()
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