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5 Cultural Shifts Agile Brings to Agencies - Nextgov
Instead of giving undue importance to requirements and tools alone, the focus shifts to the team itself -- making sure developers, managers and stakeholders are all working towards an end goal together.
Agile  Learning  Teaching  Teams  0220  Nuuday  TeamDynamics 
9 weeks ago by agentangelo
My free ebooks!
JavaScript, React, Node.js, CSS and HTML by Flavio
Book  Learning  CSS  HTML5  JavaScript  eBook 
august 2019 by agentangelo
GitHub - ZuzooVn/machine-learning-for-software-engineers: A complete daily plan for studying to become a machine learning engineer.
This is my multi-month study plan for going from mobile developer (self-taught, no CS degree) to machine learning engineer.

My main goal was to find an approach to studying Machine Learning that is mainly hands-on and abstracts most of the Math for the beginner. This approach is unconventional because it’s the top-down and results-first approach designed for software engineers.
Learning  MachineLearning  Github 
december 2016 by agentangelo
The Great A.I. Awakening - The New York Times
Prologue: You Are What You Have Read Late one Friday night in early November, Jun Rekimoto, a distinguished professor of human-computer interaction at the…
Google  AI  NewYorkTimes  Learning  artificial-intelligence  Article  MachineLearning  translation 
december 2016 by agentangelo
Learn CSS Layout
This site teaches the CSS fundamentals that are used in any CSS layout
Learning  CSS  Webdevelopment  Tutorials  Layout 
january 2013 by agentangelo | Teaching Our Kids in a 21st Century Economy
Let's be clear - we are failing too many of our children. We're sending them out into a 21st century economy by sending them through the doors of 20th century schools.
Learning  Inspiration 
august 2007 by agentangelo
10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence
Self confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits.
happiness  Inspiration  Learning  life  Motivation  Coaching 
july 2007 by agentangelo
Scientific American: The Expert Mind
Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts in other fields as well
Inspiration  Article  Learning 
december 2006 by agentangelo

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