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git implementation in JS
js  javascript  git  npm  package  library 
july 2018 by agius
notes/ at master · ChALkeR/notes
Or how I obtained direct publish access to 14% of npm packages (including popular ones).
The estimated number of packages potentially reachable through dependency chains is 54%.
javascript  npm  security  js  breach  infosec  netsec  hacks 
may 2018 by agius
Lock Down Sinon Stub | Better world by better software
function notAllowed () {
const args = JSON.stringify(...arguments)
throw new Error(`Not allowed to call this function with arguments
js  javascript  testing  tests  sinon  npm 
may 2018 by agius
javascript - how to show alternate image if source image is not found?
using onerror="" html attribute with non-existent image, you can inject js for pages that filter <script> out of user input. Fun!
stack_overflow  html  html5  javascript  js  security  netsec 
april 2018 by agius
awslabs/aws-config-rules: Example AWS Config rules
[Node, Python, Java] Repository of sample Custom Rules for AWS Config.
aws  github  example  nodejs  node  python  java  javascript  js  lambda  security  netsec  devops  compliance 
february 2018 by agius
Introduction  |  Caja  |  Google Developers
The Caja Compiler is a tool for making third party HTML, CSS and JavaScript safe to embed in your website. It enables rich interaction between the embedding page and the embedded applications.
css  development  html  javascript  security  netsec  infosec  js 
january 2018 by agius
DevDocs API Documentation
Quick, sweet in-browser documentation for some common stuff
css  documentation  html  jquery  reference  js  javascript  ruby 
june 2017 by agius
Password strength indicator w/ jQuery
security  infosec  netsec  javascript  jquery  js 
may 2017 by agius
Rails 5.1.0.beta1: Loving JavaScript, System Tests, Encrypted Secrets, and more - Riding Rails
Holy crap - Rails 5.1b includes WebPack & yarn support! Built in to asset pipeline, so hopefully legacy-compatible
ruby  rails  js  javascript 
february 2017 by agius
Voca Documentation
The ultimate JS string manipulation library
javascript  js  library  npm 
december 2016 by agius
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