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git implementation in JS
js  javascript  git  npm  package  library 
july 2018 by agius
Voca Documentation
The ultimate JS string manipulation library
javascript  js  library  npm 
december 2016 by agius
Sqreen: Web Application Protection
Gem / pypi pkg / nodejs lib to screen for common security attacks
gems  rubygems  gem  netsec  library  security  saas  node  nodejs  npm 
october 2016 by agius
GitHub - BlitzKraft/vimDDR
vimDDR: play DDR / StepMania inside vim. Critical development plugin for everyone 💜
vim  funny  library  ddr  game  games 
may 2016 by agius
Nodejs bot to track slack stats and pipe to a git repo
slack  tools  utilities  statistics  opensource  open_source  node  nodejs  npm  library 
january 2016 by agius
Slack chatbot in ruby (Lita alternative?)
bot  github  ruby  slack  chat  chatbot  gem  library 
january 2016 by agius
Library for constructing tree parsers
ruby  gem  library  parse  parser  grammar 
december 2015 by agius
opal/opal-rails · GitHub
Rails bindings for Opal ruby-> js transpiler
ruby  rails  gem  library  js  language 
november 2015 by agius
Administrate gem
Thoughtbot's take on ActiveAdmin - less DSL-y, more Rails-y
ruby  rails  gem  library 
november 2015 by agius
Like ruby-toolbox, but better quality indicators
ruby  gems  search  library  reference 
june 2015 by agius

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