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Levi's Numerology
Understanding Levi's Style Numbers
clothing  reference 
Pop-up context sensitive command line. Now maintained on GitHub.
mac-client  apps  unix  shell 
3 days ago
How to configure antivirus exclusions to prevent interaction with Veeam Backup & Replication
This article documents antivirus exclusions that have been found to help prevent antivirus software from interrupting Veeam Backup & Replication
veeam  backup  work 
5 days ago
Remote Desktop listener certificate configurations in Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012
Describes the methods to configure RDP listener certificates in Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012.
win-admin  ssl 
12 days ago
The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming | WIRED
By slowing it down or flattening it, we're not going to decrease the total number of cases, we're going to postpone many cases, until we get a vaccine—which we will, because there's nothing in the virology of this vaccine that makes me frightened that we won’t get a vaccine in 12 to 18 months. Eventually, we will get to the epidemiologist gold ring.
coronavirus  health 
16 days ago
A Therapist’s Guide to Emotional Health in a Pandemic - The Atlantic
This kind of anxiety causes us to futurize and catastrophize, both of which take up a lot of emotional real estate. It’s a vicious cycle: The more we worry, the more we try to control our worry with something tangible, such as information. But clinging to our screens for the latest update has the opposite effect because it serves as fodder for more futurizing and catastrophizing.
coronavirus  anxiety 
17 days ago
The Inspiring, Galvanizing, Beautiful Spirit of 2020 - The Atlantic
The most isolating thing most of us has ever done is, ironically, almost surely the most collective experience we’ve ever had in our lifetimes.
coronavirus  psychology  anxiety  history  encouragement 
17 days ago
Opinion | The Coronavirus Is Here to Stay, So What Happens Next? - The New York Times
On a positive note, each time the virus resurges after social distancing is relaxed, it will do so more slowly. But the flattened curve we are all hoping for — the one that is so critical to our health care infrastructure — will not actually be flat. It is more likely to be a series of ascents and descents, with dampened oscillations.
18 days ago
7 science-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety
6. Strengthen self-care

During these anxiety-provoking times, it’s important to remember the tried-and-true anxiety prevention and reduction strategies. Get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, practice mindfulness, spend time in nature and employ relaxation techniques when stressed.
coronavirus  anxiety  psychology 
20 days ago
Coronavirus: how to stop the anxiety spiralling out of control
“there is no role for a primitive biological response to COVID-19 – no running or fighting is necessary. Instead, it is our high-level, cognitive neocortex that is required here, a rational and measured approach to infectious disease, without the messy complications of panic.”
coronavirus  health  anxiety  stress 
20 days ago
Past Time to Tell the Public: “It Will Probably Go Pandemic, and We Should All Prepare Now” - Virology Down Under
Suggesting things people can do to prepare for a possible hard time to come doesn’t just get them better prepared logistically. It also helps get them better prepared emotionally. It helps get them through the Oh My God (OMG) moment everyone needs to have, and needs to get through, preferably without being accused of hysteria.
coronavirus  health  healthcare  anxiety 
21 days ago
Coronavirus is exposing the arbitrary, cruel realities of America's rules.
All over America, the coronavirus is revealing, or at least reminding us, just how much of contemporary American life is bullshit, with power structures built on punishment and fear as opposed to our best interest.
coronavirus  politics 
21 days ago
What Does ‘Social Distancing’ Mean? - The Atlantic
If I have a fourth date tonight, do I go? If I’m invited to a wedding in two weeks in another state, is it too late to cancel? If we’re on lockdown, and I live alone, can I walk to my friend’s apartment when I feel sad? If I end up officially quarantined, can I walk around the park at night for some fresh air?
health  coronavirus 
23 days ago
You Will Adjust to the New Normal - The Atlantic
If you’re feeling overwhelmed as you try to assess what this all means for you and your family, know that this is a normal and perhaps even useful response.
health  psychology  anxiety  coronavirus 
24 days ago
Rupert Beale · Short Cuts: Wash Your Hands · LRB 19 March 2020
Humanity will get through this fine, but be prepared for major changes in how we function and behave as a society until either we’re through the pandemic or we have mass immunisation available.
culture  healthcare  health  coronavirus 
24 days ago
Work in the Time of Corona – Alice Goldfuss
As someone who has worked remotely for multiple companies, in different setups, I wanted to offer some assurances and tips for maintaining your mental health while adjusting to this new life.

This is a long post, but I hope it brings you some amount of comfort and support in the days ahead.
health  work  self-care  work-environment  coronavirus  psychology 
25 days ago
David Richards’s steam-powered machine shop.
history  tools  video 
29 days ago
We were made for these times
Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good.
encouragement  activism 
4 weeks ago
Cognitive Distortions: The Lies Depression Tells
“Not only does the illness make our thoughts more negative, but it tends to make us see negative events as internal, stable and global,” said Lee H. Coleman, Ph.D., ABPP
depression  psychology 
4 weeks ago
Depression Lies | NAMI
I wasn’t cursing that I was still alive. I cursed being conscious again. Sleep is more an escape for me than a rejuvenation period when I’m in That Dark Place. And waking means I’m in it again.
encouragement  psychology  depression 
4 weeks ago
Guide to the Cold-Industrial Complex - Allen Pike
Pain reliever
Cough medicine
coronavirus  health  branding  drugs 
5 weeks ago
Existential Depression
If someone feels like their life is completely empty of anything meaningful they are said to be in an existential vacuum, an empty place.
depression  anxiety  psychology  philosophy 
5 weeks ago
So you think you're about to be in a pandemic? - Virology Down Under
Don’t buy things you won’t eat later, don’t hoard and don’t buy more than you’ll need for a 2 week period. We’re not talking zombie apocalypse and we very probably won’t see power or water interruptions either.
health  food  coronavirus  reference 
5 weeks ago
How to Dox Yourself on the Internet
A step-by-step guide to finding and removing your personal information from the internet.
security  safety 
5 weeks ago
Monday's medical myth: feed a cold, starve a fever
Whether or not you are feeding a cold or starving it makes little difference to the biology of a common cold. In the end, most colds are mercifully short lived and will peter out after a week or so, regardless.
6 weeks ago
Devil's Slide Trestles – Winter Park, Colorado - Atlas Obscura
Following the collapse of a tunnel in 1990, the trestles, decaying from nearly 100 years of Colorado’s extreme weather, were closed to automobile and pedestrian traffic.
bridges  rail 
6 weeks ago
Security Backporting Practice - Red Hat Customer Portal
Backporting is common among vendors like Red Hat and is essential to ensuring we can deploy automated updates to customers with minimal risk. Backporting might be a new concept for those more familiar with proprietary software updates.
redhat  security  linux  work 
6 weeks ago
Bertrand Russell Authority and the Individual (1948) | Open Culture
His lecture series, Authority and the Individual, delved into an age old question in political philosophy -- the individual and his/her relationship with communities and states. The head of the BBC later groused that Russell spoke "too quickly and had a bad voice." But the real complaints came from the Soviets, who interpreted Russell's lectures as an attack on Communism.
culture  philosophy  government  radio 
6 weeks ago
TLS Security 6: Examples of TLS Vulnerabilities and Attacks
Final part in the series on TLS/SSL discusses TLS vulnerabilities and attacks, including POODLE, Heartbleed and BREACH.
ssl  webdev  security  work 
7 weeks ago
Common IPv6 Newbie Questions
We are often surprised when someone asks a very fundamental question about IPv6. Having worked with IPv6 for so many years, we take for granted how we ourselves originally learned about IPv6 and the basic questions that we asked at first.
ipv6  networking  work 
7 weeks ago
FE80::1 is a Perfectly Valid IPv6 Default Gateway Address
This article builds upon the IPv6 newbie questions theme and covers a couple of the IPv6 addressing nuances that are often surprising to IPv6 neophytes (and sometimes IPv6 veterans, too!)
ipv6  networking  work 
7 weeks ago
Internet Protocol Version 6 Address Space
As stated in RFC3513, IANA should limit its allocation of IPv6-unicast
address space to the range of addresses that start with binary value 001.
The rest of the global unicast address space (approximately 85% of the IPv6
address space) is reserved for future definition and use, and is not to be
assigned by IANA at this time.
ipv6  networking  reference  work 
7 weeks ago
Per-user services in Windows 10 and Windows Server - Windows Application Management | Microsoft Docs
Per-user services are services that are created when a user signs into Windows or Windows Server and are stopped and deleted when that user signs out.
mstechnet  win-admin  work 
7 weeks ago
Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) Implementation Hints and Security Nerd Commentary (including mini threat model) | Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Platforms
LAPS is designed to run in a least privilege model. No need to put a service account into the domain admins to manage passwords, the password resets are done in the context of the computer/system. There’s no additional server to install – the passwords are stored in Active Directory.
activedirectory  win-admin  security  passwords 
8 weeks ago
Installing old Homebrew formulas
If you read a bit about the command line synopsis you’ll find out, that you can not only install packages via the official formulas but also by supplying a formula URL directly to the install command.
mac-client  unix  reference 
8 weeks ago
Microsoft 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016 Study Guide
Our Microsoft 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016 study guide will help you learn and pass your exam. Plenty of examples and tips to prepare you for the exam!
microsoft  activedirectory  win-admin  sysadmin  work  reference 
9 weeks ago
(A few) Ops Lessons We All Learn The Hard Way
1. Email is the worst monitoring and alerting mechanism except for all the others.

10. Your infrastructure uses a lot more self-signed certificates than you think. A lot more. In places that make you weep.

25. If you determine "human error" as the root cause, then you're doing it wrong.

60. Your herculean efforts to upgrade the OS across your entire fleet completed just in time for the EOL announcement of the version you upgraded to.
funny  work  sysadmin 
10 weeks ago
Promiscuous Cookies and Their Impending Death via the SameSite Policy
Cookies like to get around. They have no scruples about where they go save for some basic constraints relating to the origin from which they were set. I mean have a think about it: If a website sets a cookie then you click a link to another page on that
webdev  cookies  work  security  web 
january 2020
Jettison eliminates the hassle of manually ejecting external drives before you put your MacBook to sleep.
apps  mac-client  work 
january 2020
Why Calendars Are So Weird, and What Might Be Done About It
“Imagine a calendar that is the same every year—sort of.”

Meh. Let the calendar stay weird. There’s no need to rationalize everything.
calendar  time 
january 2020
Intelligent machines might want to become biological again | Aeon Essays
Intelligence could have been moving back and forth between biological beings and machine receptacles for aeons.
artificial-intelligence  life  consciousness 
december 2019
Tags: Database schemas
The Problem: You want to have a database schema where you can tag a bookmark (or a blog post or whatever) with as many tags as you want. Later then, you want to run queries to constrain the bookmarks to a union or intersection of tags. You also want to exclude (say: minus) some tags from the search result. Apparently there are three different solutions.
tagging  sql  webdev 
december 2019
How to Take Great Holiday Photos
Here are 7 tips for how we take great holiday photos, even if you don't have an expensive camera. Many of these holiday photos we took using our phone.
photography  christmas 
december 2019
The Intros of The Price Is Right with Bob Barker
The Price is Right openings, from Bob Barker's first show to his last. Johnny Olsen, Rod Roddy, and Rich Fields announcing.
video  gameshows  television  history 
december 2019
New Logo for Amoco
The old, defunct Amoco logo wasn’t great BUT it had the benefit of being old and carrying with it a naive, vintage appeal that is in high demand these days and could have served as a springboard for a beautifully crafted revival. Instead we got a cheesy, gradient-drenched rendition that is a few years (or couple of decades) behind the trend.
gas-stations  logos 
december 2019
Phishing Campaign Uses Malicious Office 365 App
A quick read of the permissions this app is requesting will alarm any security practitioner. Approving access to this app effectively grants full control of your Office 365 account to the attacker. This is everything from granting access to your inbox, your contacts, and any files you have access to on OneDrive.…

Furthermore, simply changing the account password (the most common response tactic to a potential breach) will not be enough to dislodge the attacker. In order to close this breach, the app has to be disconnected from the account.
office365  phishing  security  work 
december 2019
Plants Emit High-Pitched Sounds When They Get Cut, or Stressed by Drought, a New Study Shows
"The researchers who tested this hypothesis at Tel Aviv University “found that tomato and tobacco plants made sounds at frequencies humans cannot hear,” New Scientist reports. “Microphones placed 10 centimetres from the plants picked up sounds in the ultrasonic range of 20 to 100 kilohertz, which the team say insects and some mammals would be capable of hearing and responding to from as far as 5 metres away.”"

Communication that is heard and acted upon, or incidental response to stress that is not?
nature  linklist  plants  psychology 
december 2019
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