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Discuss Tutorial: nRF52832 Breakout Board Hookup Guide -
Note: The schematic for the nRF52832's referenced the pins with 3 different designations (the QFN48 pin assignment name, pin location, and the trace name ). This can be confusing when you want to define the pins for Arduino. So I looked at how the other pins were defined for reference. I noticed that the analog pin defined in software for A4 was defined on line 60 as pin "28" instead of the trace name"P28". Therefore, I defined PIN_WIRE_SDA as "24" and PIN_WIRE_SCL as "25 instead of "P24" and "P25". I decided not to use pin 21 since it was already being used for RESET and it was not broken out on the sides. I also could not get this working on the analog pins A4 and A5. It might be due to the defined pins being used already for analog inputs or the hardware not being able to support two functions on the nRF52832.
nrf52832  reference  i2c  protocol  electronics  microcontroller 
2 days ago
soft question - What are some noteworthy "mic-drop" moments in math? - MathOverflow
Also: a new superpermutation of 7 symbols, shorter than any that was known at the time (8907 symbols long), was posted as a pseudonymous comment on YouTube in February 2019.

whoa someone left proof-of-work in a youtube comment(!)
culture  youtube  math  communication  crypto 
8 days ago
AmazonSmile: Icstation 25mm Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger Ceramic Discs for Humidifier Diffuser Replacement Parts (Pack of 5): Gateway
Resonance Impedance: <2 ohm
Resonance Frequency: 1.70MHz
Coupling Coefficient: >52 %
Static Capacitance: 1800pF
research  piezo  supplies  electronics  hardware  reference  circuit 
15 days ago
A Business With No End - The New York Times
After all, what is the experience of clickbait other than realizing we have vastly overpaid, even if only with our attention?
technology  culture  language  theory  attention 
16 days ago
Money Machines
Paraphrasing Keynes, “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

The February 2018 flash crash was instructive. The culprit was a slightly esoteric exchange-traded product that has a rebalancing mechanism inside of it. And that rebalancing mechanism ended up destroying the product on one specific day when the market moved a little bit more than the product was designed to handle. The product was required to trade a lot of instruments in response to that move.
finance  technology  culture  algorithm  software 
22 days ago
RPI_SGP30/ at master · zinob/RPI_SGP30
class _cmds():
"""container class for mapping between human readable names and the command values used by the sgp"""
Sgp30Cmd = namedtuple("Sgp30Cmd",["commands","replylen","waittime"])
IAQ_INIT=Sgp30Cmd([0x20, 0x03],0,10)
IAQ_MEASURE=Sgp30Cmd([0x20, 0x08],6,12)
GET_BASELINE=Sgp30Cmd([0x20, 0x15],6,120)
SET_BASELINE=Sgp30Cmd([0x20, 0x1e],0,10)
SET_HUMIDITY=Sgp30Cmd([0x20, 0x61],0,10)
IAQ_SELFTEST=Sgp30Cmd([0x20, 0x32],3,520)
GET_FEATURES=Sgp30Cmd([0x20, 0x2f],3,3)
GET_SERIAL=Sgp30Cmd([0x36, 0x82],9,10)

def new_set_baseline(cls,baseline_data):
cmd = cls.SET_BASELINE
return cls.Sgp30Cmd(cmd.commands +baseline_data,cmd.replylen,cmd.waittime)
technique  api  library  python  software  i2c  embedded  sensor 
26 days ago
25-pair color code - Wikipedia
Various mnemonics have been used to remember the color coding of the major color groups:

Why Run Backwards, You'll Vomit
color  communication  protocol  language 
29 days ago
Psychologists have been watching us on the subway. Here's what they've learned.
The authors attributed the results not to rudeness but to the overabundance of information available to process—as they put it, “interpersonal overload leads to social withdrawal.”
sva19  weft  behavior  attention  culture  interaction 
6 weeks ago
Anti urination devices in Norwich - Wikipedia
"Nuisance" was a commonly-accepted euphemism for public urination.
design  behavior  culture  architecture 
6 weeks ago
THEORY OF THEME PARKS: Wayfinding in Themed Design: The “Weenie”
they go the whole article without the etymology! It comes from the kid seeing the landmark and saying "We need to go there!"
language  design  architecture  city  theory  behavior  sva19  research  spatial 
6 weeks ago
Derek Powazek - Design for Serendipity
these examples are "suggestions" not serendipity - serendipity is augmenting the user's awareness in order to facilitate effortless connections across domains...not just putting another piece of undifferentiated content in front of them...
serendipity  web  behavior  sva19  usability  ux 
7 weeks ago
The City Crest - Glasgow City Council
st mungo

Here is the bird that never flew
Here is the tree that never grew
Here is the bell that never rang
Here is the fish that never swam.
history  heraldry  narrative  language  scotland  city 
7 weeks ago
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