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Pollogen a company of Lumenis - Pollogen
world’s largest energy-based medical device company
medical  corporation  rf 
8 hours ago
this is a frustrating page because it refuses to reveal what the product is (but wants to "unlock my potential" or w/e). Also, do not EVER remove the scrub bar from a video if you're expecting people to watch your video
9 hours ago
AmazonSmile: AWS DeepLens - Deep learning enabled video camera for developers: Amazon Devices
can't think of a less-desirable product than some electronics made by Amazon (they're the worst, worse than Sony) in cheap-Apple toxic white with a fuckoff-big camera on top and "AWS" screened on the side...
electronics  vision  hardware  consumer  consumer-electronics  brand 
What the HELL is it Now? - One Baby Boomer's Opinion by John Primm — Kickstarter
Perhaps there are a bunch of secret people who make pledges just to get others on the band wagon

shitty  people 
5 days ago
such an excellent idea, so well executed!
sdr  rtlsdr  police  dc  rf  software  research  nytlabs 
8 days ago
US9122330B2 - Controlling a user's tactile perception in a dynamic physical environment - Google Patents
For example, objects that have been anodized (e.g., a surface portion of a metal layer is converted into an insulating oxide while an internal portion remains metallic) or capacitive touch screens both provide internal electrodes and surface insulator layers. However, many objects may be altered or converted to become tactile compatible objects. Method 1400 is a possible technique for fabricating these objects.
weft  research  materials  howto  patent  electronics  interaction  design  ui 
9 days ago
Legal weed packages are reinventing child-resistant designs — Quartzy
The requirements note that: “If one or both children have not used their teeth to try to open their packages during the first 5 minutes, the tester shall say immediately before beginning the second 5-minute period, ‘YOU CAN USE YOUR TEETH IF YOU WANT TO.’ This is the only statement that the tester shall make about using teeth.
protocol  safety  drugs  design  usa 
9 days ago
RFduino/variant.h at master · RFduino/RFduino
* Wire Interfaces
#define PIN_WIRE_SDA (6u)
#define PIN_WIRE_SCL (5u)
rfduino  i2c  reference 
10 days ago
Kivy: Cross-platform Python Framework for NUI Development
interesting-looking UI design framework for python that works across android and ios...
python  android  programming  resource  framework  software  ui  design  interface 
10 days ago
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