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Multifunctional network device for autonomous activity in the city environment. Its main function is communication and propaganda through the Wi-FI wireless standard. This is the hacktivism diy response to attempts by the authorities in different countries to control the Internet. The project serves as an example of the possible opposition and decentralisation of networks to ensure communications and provide notifications irrespective of whether there is access to the global internet or certain restrictions are applied.
networking  politics  art  hardware  electronics  locale  tuned-resonator 
may 2018 by akamediasystem
whoa, is a thing, why the eff wouldn't you document that more prominently! it means is just, like, a feel-good moment in the boot cycle
systemd  mc  raspi  howto  linux  reference  networking 
june 2017 by akamediasystem
Hacking Alexa, the new Amazon Echo |
3. Wireshark her: Among other places, she hits and, which have something to do with the web-based control websites. The remote control website, basically just a web-based version of the Echo app, is at . More on that later. ALL traffic is SSL encryped. I’ll be monitoring her long-term later on to see if she listens when she shouldn’t… 🙂
mezuzah  domotics  networking  protocol  wireshark 
march 2017 by akamediasystem
How to enable Siri on an RM Internet connection
Destination IP: The destination IP is Apple's network
iptables  mezuzah  reference  networking 
february 2017 by akamediasystem
A Purpose-built Global Network: Google's Move to SDN - ACM Queue
Adding it all up, Google found itself on a cost curve it considered unsustainable. Perhaps even worse, it saw itself at the mercy of a small number of network equipment vendors that have proved to be slow in terms of delivering the capabilities requested by the company. Which is why Google ultimately came to decide it should take more control of its own networking destiny.
technology  strategy  google  business  networking  network  hardware  sdn 
december 2015 by akamediasystem
Unable to resolve hostnames within LAN (Page 1) — General Discussion — OpenWrt
option rebind_protection 0
the above line was what was needed to make nytlabs router firewalltest allow traffic to see internal websites
nytlabs  networking  openwrt  reference 
december 2015 by akamediasystem
OpenWRT and resolving private ranges - Michal Čihař
this was nytlabs firewalltest router problem - setting "rebind protection" to 0 and not 1 fixed it
nytlabs  reference  networking  openwrt 
december 2015 by akamediasystem

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