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Archaeological Sewing
_____________ToC page with links_____________
* Major Stitch Types
* Less Common Stitch Types
* Seams
- Overcast Stitch and Variants
- Felled (Overlapped) Seams
- Running Stitch and Variants
- Miscellaneous
* Edge finishes
- No Sewing
- Blanket Stitch and Variants
- Hem Stitch and Variants
- Running Stitch and Variants
- Miscellaneous
- Edges with applied facings
* Other Stitch Purposes
* Seams
- Overcast Stitch and Variants
- Running Stitch
- Modified Running Stitch and Variants
- Seams with applied binding
* Edges
- Edges with Applied Facing
* Other Uses
* Seams
- Seams with Applied Binding
* Edges
- Used as Edging
* As Applied Decoration
* Other Uses
SCA  sewing  clothing  garb  medieval  research  reference 
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Research | Face Blind UK
Birkbeck College, University of London – Brain and Behaviour Lab: Prosopagnosia Research

Bournemouth University – Centre for Face Processing Disorders

City University London, University College London and Kings College London

University of East London – Face Recognition Research Team

University of Kent

US RESEARCH CENTRES is a website shared by prosopagnosia research centres at Dartmouth College, Harvard University and University College London. It is the home for the bi-annual newsletter Face to Face, covering new developments and summarising current research projects.

Dartmouth College – Social Perception Lab
Prosopagnosia  faceblind  research  university  UK  US 
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Prosopagnosia Research Center - Faceblind
Prosopagnosia Research Center
Dartmouth, Harvard, and University of London
prosopagnosia  US  UK  research  neuroscience  Duchaine  Dartmouth  Harvard  University-of-London 
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Emily Willingham - The Science Consumer
I've written for the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Everyday Health, Forbes, Slate, Grist, The Scientist, MIT Tech Review, and American Scientist, among other outlets.
Emily  Willingham  science  writer  autism  vaccines  research 
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Konza Prairie Biological Research Station
Burn treatments layer, full topographical/satellite map
Konza-Prairie  prairie  KSU  KPBRS  research  map  topographical  satellite-imaging  fire-œcology  conservation 
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New Tab
Sigma Xi e-magazine subscription only $30 individual/ 1 year
subscriptions  e-magazines  science  research  Sigma-Xi 
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Climate change and sustainable development: Ethical perspectives on land use and food production
Conference Proceedings, Published: 2012 Pages: 528
eISBN: 978-90-8686-753-0 PDF (online only): $105.00
Wageningen Academic Publishers books; Thomas Potthast & Simon Meisch, Eds.

Climate change is a major framing condition for sustainable development of agriculture and food. Global food production is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time it is among the sectors worst affected by climate change.

This book brings together a multidisciplinary group of authors exploring the ethical dimensions of climate change and food. Conceptual clarifications provide a necessary basis for putting sustainable development into practice. Adaptation and mitigation demand altering both agricultural and consumption practices. Intensive vs. extensive production is reassessed with regard to animal welfare, efficiency and environmental implications. Property rights play an ever-increasing role, as do shifting land-use practices, agro-energy, biotechnology, food policy to green consumerism. And, last but not least, tools are suggested for teaching agricultural and food ethics.

Notwithstanding the plurality of ethical analyses and their outcome, it becomes apparent that governance of agri-food is faced by new needs and new approaches of bringing in the value dimension much more explicitly. This book is intended to serve as a stimulating collection that will contribute to the debate and reflection on the sustainable future of agriculture and food production in the face of global change.

Keywords: climate change, food production, land use, agri-food
print ISBN: 978-90-8686-197-2
climate-change  agroecoecology  food-production  land-use  sustainable  development  research 
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