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The Handmaid's Tale highlights the difference between the demands of novels and TV
Do you tell a coherent story with a beginning, middle, and end, or do you just keep going on as long as the viewers will last?
tv  writing  books  margaretatwood 
august 2018 by andrewducker
Prize launched for thrillers that avoid violence against women
I'm glad that readers will have a choice. For those that find it hard to deal with, a list of the best thrillers without it will be rather handy
violence  women  books  awards 
january 2018 by andrewducker
Books That Literally All White Men Own: The Definitive List (11 for me)
Jane has, in fact read more of them than me. She's clearly whiter and manlier.
books  society  men 
april 2017 by andrewducker
The Wild Cards Are Coming... to Television
I loved the first dozen of these when I was younger.
GeorgeRRMartin  tv  books 
august 2016 by andrewducker
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