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Teenager ends up with severe eye damage (enough to be registered blind) from living off crisps and chips.
What annoys me here is that there's clearly a sensory issue going on, but nobody seems to be trying to help them work through this. Just "Eat some veg". People don't restrict their diet this much because they like crisps a lot. They do it because the texture of anything else makes them feel awful.
food  sight  OhForFucksSake 
7 weeks ago by andrewducker
“One account. All of Google.” — How Google let its customers down
I was caught by this. I set up a domain for my family, and it's what we've all used for our email addresses for ages. When "Google Apps for Domains" came along, I migrated us on to it.

And now I find that I can't have a YouTube family account. Can't have a Google Play Music family account. Can't have a bunch of other services, because Google created multiple types of accounts, and never put the effort in to make them work seamlessly.
google  OhForFucksSake 
9 weeks ago by andrewducker
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