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EA defies Belgian loot box decision, setting up potential gambling lawsuit
If they decide that loot boxes are gambling then I can't see how, for instance, Hearthstone card packs aren't. Or, indeed, Magic: The Gathering card packs. This one could be absolutely massive.
gambling  games  belgium 
7 days ago by andrewducker
Die, Die, Die Against Exquisitely Animated Lovecraftian Hordes In Sundered
Just started playing it, and really enjoying it. Can be played in small chunks, which works well with my free time.
games  review 
12 weeks ago by andrewducker
The 3 Things I had to Realise Before I 'got' Dark Souls
I am regularly amused by the videos I see that say "Once I realised I had to give in to Stockholm Syndrome I learned to love Dark Souls!" Which means that either, yes, you have to think a bit differently to like it, because it is a bit different. Or it means that the game just isn't very likeable for most people and maybe they should have made it more accessible if they wanted more people to like it. (I reckon they're perfectly happy appealing to the people it does appeal to, considering how successful the franchise is).
games  video 
january 2018 by andrewducker
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