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Vue.js-based static site generator tool
gridsome  vuejs  staticsitegenerators  webdev 
7 hours ago
Online image-compression tool
compression  tools  webdev  performance 
7 hours ago
Web resources for developers from Google.
webdev  learning  performance  resources 
7 hours ago
Lightweight portable lighting solution
lights  photography 
2 days ago
Implementing a variable font with fallback web fonts
Tutorial on implementing variable font with fallback to ordinary web fonts
fallbacks  variablefonts  webdev  css  tutorials  examples 
2 days ago
30 Seconds of CSS
Useful CSS snippets that can be understood in 30 seconds.
css  examples  snippets  webdev 
2 days ago
Bash script for generating trusted self-signed SSL certs for local development on your Mac
ssl  development  macos  certificates  selfsigned 
2 days ago
Redesigning your product and website for dark mode
Tips for supporting dark mode interfaces for websites
darkmode  css  webdesign  tips 
7 days ago
Concise Media Queries with CSS Grid
Using CSS Grid to concisely define layouts.
css  cssgrid  layouts  flexbox  webdev  tips 
14 days ago
Top 50 Digital Photography Tips
A large collection of digital photography tips.
photography  tips 
15 days ago
Negative Lab Pro
Software for processing negatives in Lightroom.
photography  lightroom  software 
21 days ago
Fancy Border Radius Generator
Interactive tool for creating shapes using border-radius
css  tools  border-radius  borders  webdev 
28 days ago
Writing Maintainable SCSS
Tips for writing easy-to-maintain scss, including advice on naming conventions.
scss  tips  sass  bestpractices  webdev 
29 days ago
Deploying frontend applications — the fun way
Article explaining how to use Docker and Jenkins to deploy front-end applications.
docker  jenkins  ci  webdev  howtos  tutorials 
4 weeks ago
Lightweight SVG icons for common social media badges and others
svg  icons  webdev 
5 weeks ago
CSS Layout cookbook
A cookbook of CSS layout recipes
css  examples  layout  webdev  flexbox  cssgrid 
5 weeks ago
Customise radio buttons without compromising accessibility
Making custom radio buttons while still allowing use through screen readers.
buttons  forms  css  radiobuttons  tutorials  examples 
6 weeks ago
Dockerizing modern web apps
Example of using Docker to run a single-page web application.
docker  intros  tutorials  spas  webdev 
6 weeks ago
Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
javascript  samples  examples  webdev 
6 weeks ago
CC Search
Creative Commons search engine
creativecommons  photographs  images 
6 weeks ago
The dialog element
Introduction to the dialog element in HTML5.
html5  modals  dialogs  webdev  intros 
6 weeks ago
Beer Slider
Responsive & accessible before-after slider.
sliders  javascript  responsive  webdev 
6 weeks ago
Free online conversion tools
formats  conversion  tools 
6 weeks ago
Open source file-based CMS and template engine
cms  php  webdev  automad 
7 weeks ago
Touch, responsive, flickable carousels
carousels  sliders  webdev  libraries 
7 weeks ago
An A-Z of useful Python tricks
A selection of useful Python tricks.
python  tips  programming 
7 weeks ago
Introducing Trashy.css
CSS stylesheets for debugging, showing pages as they would be seen by a screen reader.
css  debugging  webdev  accessibility 
7 weeks ago
Continuous Delivery platform built on Docker, written in Go.
continuousdelivery  devops  golang 
7 weeks ago
Simple content management system built on the idea that you can create a custom dashboard without ever leaving the HTML
cms  vapid  webdev  tools 
7 weeks ago
Take A New Look At CSS Shapes
Introduction to CSS Shapes by Rachel Andrew.
intros  webdev  tutorials  css  cssshapes 
8 weeks ago
The Font Loading Checklist
A checklist for managing font loading on web pages.
webdev  fonts  performance 
8 weeks ago
Free 3D Models – EROCK3D
Free 3D models from Erock3D, including a free grass system.
3dgraphics  models  resources  free 
9 weeks ago
Security-testing framework
security  testing  automation  devops 
9 weeks ago
Writing an R package from scratch
An updated guide to writing an R package.
packages  R  libraries  howtos  tutorials 
9 weeks ago
Color search engine -- 'Google, but for colors'
color  colors  webdesign  tools 
9 weeks ago
Progressive Tooling
List of links to tools for website optimization.
webdev  tools  resources  optimization  accessibility 
9 weeks ago
Clip Path Generator
Interactive CSS clip path generator
css  clipping  clippaths  webdev  tools 
9 weeks ago
How to Get Wet Skin in Iray
Tutorial on simulating wet skin using Iray
iray  3dgraphics  tutorials  dazstudio 
9 weeks ago
Microservice Comparison
Comparison of different languages for implementing microservices.
microservices  go  webdev  programming  examples 
11 weeks ago
A technical primer on blockchain
Technical introduction to the blockchain
blockchain  intros 
12 weeks ago
Surviving Burning Man
The guide for taking care of your camera, your mind, and yourself.
burningman  photography  cameras  tips 
12 weeks ago
Useful front-end performance checklist for websites and web applications.
webdev  optimization  performance  bestpractices  checklists 
august 2018
What browser am I using?
Diagnostic tool for browser information
browsers  webdev  tools  diagnostics 
august 2018
A tiny service worker script to change image quality dependant on connection type (2G, 3G, etc)
pwas  progressivewebapps  serviceworkers  optimization  performance  scripts  javascript  webdev 
august 2018
Lazyloading plugin for lazy loading CSS, JS etc.
lazyloading  javascript  plugins  webdev 
august 2018
Fusion.js Documentation
React-based webapp development framework from Uber.
reactjs  javascript  frameworks  webdev 
august 2018
Sometimes `sizes` is quite important
Examples of using 'sizes' in responsive images.
images  webdev  sizes  srcset  img  tips  examples 
august 2018
Tiny javascript plugin for creating sliding drawers in web apps.
javascript  libraries  drawers  webdev 
august 2018
Sinai Trai
Information about the Sinai hiking trail
travel  hiking  egypt  sinai 
august 2018
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