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Writing Maintainable SCSS
Tips for writing easy-to-maintain scss, including advice on naming conventions.
scss  tips  sass  bestpractices  webdev 
october 2018 by angusm
Browser Compatibility for CSS Grid Layouts with Simple Sass Mixins
Guide to implementing grid fallbacks for IE and Edge using Sass mixins.
sass  mixins  css  cssgrid  fallbacks 
august 2017 by angusm
Building a responsive timeline in CSS with Sass and BEM
Example of styling a timeline using Sass with BEM.
css  sass  timelines  bem  webdev  examples 
july 2017 by angusm
SASS library for baseline grids
sass  css  typography  grids  webdev  baselinegrids  rhythm 
december 2016 by angusm
Sass Functions Cheat Sheet
Cheat sheet listing all Sass functions
sass  css  functions  webdev  cheatsheets 
october 2016 by angusm
Sass Guidelines
An opinionated styleguide for writing sane, maintainable and scalable Sass
styleguides  webdev  css  sass 
october 2016 by angusm
Progress Tracker
SASS library to build a progress tracker.
SASS  progress  library  css  webdev 
july 2016 by angusm
Sassy, opinionated CSS framework, Bootstrap alternative
css  frameworks  webdev  sass 
may 2016 by angusm
Lint your CSS with stylelint
Tool for linting CSS and SCSS files
css  lint  validation  tools  webdev  scss  sass 
april 2016 by angusm
Simple, elegant and maintainable media queries in Sass
Sass  breakpoints  mediaqueries  responsivewebdesign  css  webdev 
april 2016 by angusm
Very simple Sass mixin for media queries
mediaquery  Sass  mixins  webdev  css 
january 2016 by angusm
Beyond the Style Guide
How to use Sass mixins and maps to encapsulate relationships between elements.
sass  mixins  maps  webdev  tips  css 
january 2016 by angusm
Learning Sass with CodePen
A reading list of Sass articles.
sass  tutorials  webdev  css 
november 2015 by angusm
Getting Started With BEM
Using SASS to generate BEM-style class names
BEM  SASS  CSS  intros  howtos  tips  webdev 
october 2015 by angusm
Node-based unit-testing library for SASS.
sass  css  webdev  nodejs  tools  testing 
october 2015 by angusm
Fluid grid-based responsive template.
CSS  SASS  webdev  responsivedesign  frameworks  templates 
july 2015 by angusm
Making our Media Query Mixins More Flexible
Tips for writing Sass mixins to help with media queries.
Sass  CSS  mediaqueries  webdev  responsivedesign 
april 2015 by angusm
HTML5, Sass and JavaScript boilerplate for Grunt
Grunt  Boilerplate  HTML5  Sass  Javascript  webdev 
july 2014 by angusm
A tool for rapidly-developing front-end web projects, based on Sass, Node, Gulp and Handlebars.
webdev  Node.js  Sass  Gulp  Handlebars  tools  frontend 
june 2014 by angusm
Crumpet - A Deliciously Simple Framework
Lightweight SCSS framework for web creation
SCSS  CSS  Sass  webdev  HTML  frameworks 
april 2014 by angusm
A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects
css  css3  animation  hover  effects  webdev  sass 
january 2014 by angusm
A collection of utility mixins for SASS.
SASS  CSS  mixins  patterns  utilities  webdev 
november 2013 by angusm
Sass Style Guide
A suggested style guide for SASS.
SASS  CSS  styleguides  reference  tips  webdev 
may 2013 by angusm
Susy and Media Queries (guide for Muppets)
Some examples of using Susy to create responsive grids.
Susy  webdev  responsivewebdesign  grids  CSS  SASS  tips 
january 2013 by angusm
Responsive Grids With Susy
Tutorial on developing responsive grids using Susy.
Susy  CSS  responsivewebdesign  SASS  tutorials 
january 2013 by angusm
Responsive grids for SASS and Compass.
compass  SASS  grids  responsivewebdesign  susy  reference 
january 2013 by angusm
Bourbon Neat
Simple fluid grid framework for responsive design (based on SASS).
SASS  responsivewebdesign  webdev  CSS  mixins  libraries  grids 
september 2012 by angusm
Bourbon Sass Mixins Library
Lightweight Sass Mixins library adding various useful features such as backgrounds, animations, gradients, transforms etc.
SASS  mixins  CSS  webdev  libraries 
september 2012 by angusm
10 LESS CSS Examples You Should Steal for Your Projects
10 sample LESS snippets for rounded borders, linear gradients etc.
CSS  LESS  SASS  tips  examples  snippets  webdev  stylesheets 
december 2011 by angusm
Getting Started with Sass
An introduction to the Sass stylesheet processor.
CSS  Sass  webdev  stylesheets  tutorials  introductions 
november 2011 by angusm
Stylesheet language that compiles to CSS.
Sass  CSS  webdev  webdesign  stylesheets  tools 
november 2011 by angusm

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