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Dotgrid by Rekka & Devine
"Dotgrid is a distractionless vector tool with line styles, corner controls, colours, grid-based tools, PNG and SVG export."
art  drawing  editor  svg  interface 
4 weeks ago by aparrish
Computer latency: 1977-2017
'If we look at overall results, the fastest machines are ancient. Newer machines are all over the place. Fancy gaming rigs with unusually high refresh-rate displays are almost competitive with machines from the late 70s and early 80s, but “normal” modern computers can’t compete with thirty to forty year old machines.' via
interface  computing  history 
11 weeks ago by aparrish
Moon Signs – Amaranth Borsuk
"Adapting the doublet we created for our sound installation at King Street Station, we designed a volvelle whose apertures reveal a word ladder composed of 31 words. The gradually changing poem waxes and wanes along with the lunar phases, shown on the opposing side of the dial."
text  poetics  astrology  interface  volvelles 
11 weeks ago by aparrish
Creative Help
"Creative Help is an experimental application intended to help people write stories by automatically suggesting new sentences in the story. At any point while writing, simple type \help\ to generate a new sentence. You can edit, add to, or delete this suggestion just like any other text in your story."
nlproc  text  poetics  interface 
october 2018 by aparrish
Membrane is open source
by jane friedhoff. orig post here: 'Membrane... is an experiment in permeable publishing. By permeable publishing, we mean a new form of reading experience, in which readers may “push back” through the medium to ask specific, contextual (and constrained) questions of the author.'
text  writing  socialsoftware  interface 
october 2018 by aparrish
Unix is not an acceptable Unix | Affording Play
"The original designers of Unix viewed the “simplicity” of text streams as an advantage. Consequently, they declined to impose any structure on the data that was to pass between programs. This decision, intended to banish inessential complexity, instead managed only to push essential complexity further downstream. [...] Even the earliest version of Unix was ultimately only a particular, flawed implementation of the Unix philosophy. If we want to encourage more widespread acceptance of the philosophy, we should not try to defend the implementation by downplaying its flaws." (via
linux  unix  computing  interface  ui  history  culture 
september 2018 by aparrish
Amiri Baraka/Technology & Ethos
"A typewriter?–why shd it only make use of the tips of the fingers as contact points of flowing multi directional creativity. If I invented a word placing machine, an “expression-scriber,” if  you  will, then I would have a kind of instrument into which I could step & sit or sprawl or hang & use not only my fingers to make words express feelings but elbows, feet, head, behind, and all the sounds I wanted, screams, grunts, taps, itches, I’d have magnetically recorded, at the same time, & translated into word–or perhaps even the final xpressed thought/feeling wd not be merely word or sheet, but itself, the xpression, three dimensional–able to be touched, or tasted or felt, or entered, or heard or carried like a speaking singing constantly communicating charm. A typewriter is corny!!"
poetry  poetics  performance  interface  nite  rwet 
may 2015 by aparrish
Visual Programming Languages - Snapshots
lots of screenshots of visual programming languages/environments (and some stuff that is not programming, like buzz??)
interface  programming  ui  code 
february 2014 by aparrish
soundjuggling - DORTHE
"D.O.R.T.H.E. reuses words. She analyzes them, and use them for music creation because she believes that words, sentences and phonetics have many resemblances to music. Both one to one mappings like number of letters in a word translated to a pitch in music, but also emotional states like joy, distress, happiness, discomfort and fear."
writing  text  interface  nime 
january 2014 by aparrish
windchime -
via waxy, hooks into osx accessibility to associate keystrokes with midi
keyboard  interface  writing  text  generative 
october 2012 by aparrish
mobile poetics: a select bibliography of digital textuality/art apps «
new additions to "mobile poetics: a select bibliography of digital textuality/art apps" suggestions for apps to add?
poetry  poetics  blogme  text  interface  writing 
october 2012 by aparrish
Typewriter landscape - YouTube
physical keyboard for ipad actually STRIKES THE SCREEN
typewriter  keyboard  interface  writing  text  blogme 
august 2012 by aparrish
Typographic Rhythm | The Ministry of Type
"a project by Jonathan Puckey to convey some of the aspects of handwriting, namely speed, into typographic weight"
writing  text  interface  keyboard  blogme 
june 2012 by aparrish
GAUNTLET | UAHuntsville ECE Senior Design Project | Group 6
"aesthetically unobtrusive" but pretty cool single-hand keyboard (touch thumb to inner knuckle to complete a circuit)
keyboards  text  interface 
april 2012 by aparrish
MAKE | Making Music with the Magnetotron
magnetic tape glued to a rotating cylinder, played with tape heads on batons---brilliant
interface  audio  music 
december 2011 by aparrish
MAKE | Scratching Analog Audio With a PC Fan
"Adrià Navarro created this excellent DIY DJ turntable from a junk pile walkman and PC fan. When you rotate the fan with your fingers, the voltage is read by an Arduino, which smooths and remaps the levels and then uses PWM to control the audio casette player’s motor."
pcomp  music  interface 
november 2011 by aparrish
Cylindrical Mirror Creates 3D On Your iPad (Video) » Geeky Gadgets
not... exactly sure what the real-world utility of this is, but it's a cool idea
pcomp  interface  ipad  3d 
november 2011 by aparrish
introduction to the command line
pretty good introduction to the unix command line (link from syllabus?)
unix  commandline  interface  howto  code  computing 
october 2011 by aparrish
this is a great idea. can't wait to try it out.
keyboard  text  interface  poetics  poetry 
october 2011 by aparrish
Language Log » MAGE pHTS
need to play with this; the demo is amazing
language  speech  phonetics  generative  interface  text 
october 2011 by aparrish
Keyboard whose keys are raised in proportion to their frequency of use - Boing Boing
RT @golan: Keyboard whose keys are raised in proportion to their frequency of use. (RT @play_create) #physviz
keyboards  text  language  interface  physviz 
june 2011 by aparrish
Undo Restart Restore » Blog Archive » Starborn statistics follow-up
I don't want to use hyperbole, but this is the most important thing to ever have happened to IF.

uh, seriously though---collecting this kind of data from playthrough transcripts is just a good idea. using that data to tune the game, and seeing the concrete results of those changes---even better.
games  design  interactivefiction  data  interface 
may 2011 by aparrish
"savestate is a digital language instrument / interactive poetry-toy"
poetry  interface  nite  text 
april 2011 by aparrish
YouTube - The Typists of Youtube
flight of the bumblebee + youtube clips of people typing
keyboard  interface  textures 
february 2011 by aparrish
View topic - The Lisp keyboards • DESKTHORITY
space cadet, other amazing early programming keyboards
keyboard  interface  text  history  computing 
february 2011 by aparrish
Debris, QWERTY at PPOW | Sarah Frost
giant walls of keyboard keys---beautiful (via rhizome)
keyboard  text  poetics  interface  art 
february 2011 by aparrish
Insult Swordfighting: Mass Effect 2 -- Video Game Reviews and Rants
lingering problems with me2's interface---fwiw, I agree with all the complaints about the original ME but am hard-pressed to think of moments in ME2 where the interface got in my way
games  masseffect  rpg  interface  design 
december 2010 by aparrish
Custom Electronic Instruments | Folktek
lots to explore here---custom instruments and musical interfaces
music  interface  design 
december 2010 by aparrish
Conversational UI: a short reading list – Blog – BERG
not sure where I got this from, but it's a great list: on making user interfaces that are primarily textual and "conversational"
text  language  interface  interactivity 
december 2010 by aparrish
glorg | Armor Games
here's where that interesting dungeon crawler from the one-button competition ended up... pretty slick and also fun
games  rpg  interface 
november 2010 by aparrish
Up, not North - Automatypewriter
automated typewriter (playing a text adventure)
keyboard  text  interface  pcomp 
november 2010 by aparrish
Technology | AlphaUi
(via engadget) keys on the rear of the device for a new kind of typing. not sure if this would ever catch on in the mainstream, but I would love to see it for a limited purpose device (portable IF player?). also wondering whether it could be adapted for one hand---is it possible to keep the device stable on the palm while having full motion in the fingers?
typing  keyboard  interface  text  interactivity 
october 2010 by aparrish
Eddo Stern - Fort Paladin
'Fort Paladin is a medieval computer castle automaton trained to kill and master the American army 's recruitment training game "America's Army" using elecro-mechanics and a custom written expert system.'
games  keyboard  interface  generative 
october 2010 by aparrish
The International Rasmus Malling-Hansen Society: The Writing Ball
how history could have been different: I'm trying to imagine what portable PCs would have looked like (or mobile phones, or the set of Star Trek) if their keyboards were shaped like this. incredibly beautiful.
writing  interface  text 
october 2010 by aparrish
Plover, the Open Source Steno Program
open source stenography software (via sumana's blog)
text  interface  interactivity 
october 2010 by aparrish > Interactive Poetry Generation Systems: an Illustrated Overview
comment I couldn't add because it was apparently too "spammy":

I like to think of these as "interactive poetry generation systems":

A few others:

- Google Poetry Robot:
- Eater of Meaning:
- Alan Sondheim's Julu:

And, of course, Google Scribe is probably the most important (if inadvertent) interactive poetry generation system to recently arrive on the scene:

it's like gnoetry except it uses the entire web as its corpus... and fills in suggestions as you type, in real time.
text  generative  interface  interactivity  poetry  poetics 
october 2010 by aparrish
\\\: Graziano Russo
initially I thought these were cupcakes. but on further inspection I guess they're lumps of rock? anyway, it's cool.
text  keyboard  interface  sculpture  art  design 
october 2010 by aparrish
Technology Review: Blogs: Mims's Bits: Adding Temperature to Human-Computer Interaction
awesome---game controller uses peltier effect to evoke hot and cold temperatures
interface  interactivity  pcomp  games 
july 2010 by aparrish
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