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Why We Need to Abandon the Disease-Model of Mental Health Care | MIND Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
The idea that our more distressing emotions such as grief and anger can best be understood as symptoms of physical illnesses is pervasive and seductive. But in my view it is also a myth, and a harmful one. via Pocket
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november 2014 by arakno
Sound Waves Break The Blood-Brain Barrier | IFLScience
The blood-brain barrier is essential to our survival, but sometimes it can be a major obstacle to life-saving medical treatment. French company CarThera claim to have found a way to open the barrier when needed, shutting it again thereafter. via Pocket
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october 2014 by arakno
The Unique Merger That Made You (and Ewe, and Yew) - Issue 10: Mergers & Acquisitions - Nautilus
At first glance, a tree could not be more different from the caterpillars that eat its leaves, the mushrooms sprouting from its bark, the grass growing by its trunk, or the humans canoodling under its shade. Appearances, however, can be deceiving. via Pocket
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october 2014 by arakno
Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe | Talk Video |
When a new drug gets tested, the results of the trials should be published for the rest of the medical world -- except much of the time, negative or inconclusive findings go unreported, leaving doctors and researchers in the dark. In this impassioned talk, Ben Goldacre explains why these unreported i
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october 2014 by arakno
LFRI - Education Page
This page contains articles, papers and study materials about TCM fundamentals, acupuncture and herbal medicine for students as well as practitioners.

Because many students cannot afford expensive products a collection of our study materials will be offered for free. As a return favor we would like students, practitioners and teachers to send us suggestions for improving the materials, as well as mentioning LFRI as the source of the materials. Often hundreds of hours are spent in making them.
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december 2010 by arakno
Acupuncture . GV20 . Bai Hui . Governing Vessel Meridian
To use the Acupuncture Points Page, select the meridian on the left side of the page. A list of all of the points in the meridian will appear on the right side of the page. Once selected, images, locations, points, Chinese name, actions, and much more will appear.
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february 2009 by arakno
PubMed Home
A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine
and the National Institutes of Health
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december 2008 by arakno

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