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Deck building strategy game
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There are 3 main types of technical debt. Here’s how to manage them.
Deliberate tech debt
Accidental/outdated design tech debt
Bit rot tech debt
technology  management  planung  agile  technical_debt 
4 days ago
Kate Heddleston
A 10x engineer isn’t someone who is 10x better than those around them, but someone who makes those around them 10x better.
agile  culture  management  programming 
5 days ago
Quasar Framework
Build responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps, all simultaneously using same codebase, powered with Vue.
vue.js  framework  mobile  electron  @devenvironment  iOS  android 
5 days ago
Studie widerlegt Gateway -
Am vergangenen Dienstag veröffentlichte das wissenschaftliche Fachjournal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health eine Studie, die Gegner der E-Zigarette weiter verstummen lassen könnte.
Interessant sind dabei nicht nur die Ergebnisse alleine, sondern auch woher sie kommen.
vaping  health  science 
6 days ago
Stump Kitchen
Hi! My name is Alexis and I am the creator of Stump Kitchen. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, and a few years after that I went full vegan after being a vegetarian for most of my life. I found a new passion for cooking when I started creating delicious, gluten-free vegan meals for myself at home. I decided to start a YouTube series to share my passion with the world.

Oh yeah... I have a stump! I was born without my left hand and I love this unique feature about myself. Stump Kitchen showcases the interesting and 'Stumptastic' ways I use my body when I cook. I love being able to expand the vocabulary of what's possible in the kitchen!

Stump Kitchen celebrates body diversity, gluten free vegan cooking, and the amazing, unique ways we move through the world. Thanks for stopping by!
amputee  rezepte  filme  person  archive  Humor 
6 days ago
The only cheat sheet you need
Unified access to the best
community driven documentation
repositories of the world
linux  unix  documentation  networking 
7 days ago
The Chemical Industry Scores a Big Win at the E.P.A.
The Trump administration, after heavy lobbying by the chemical industry, is scaling back the way the federal government determines health and safety risks associated with the most dangerous chemicals on the market, documents from the Environmental Protection Agency show.
environment  weltuntergang  USA  trump  politics  News 
7 days ago
Plunker Helping developers make the web
Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.
javascript  webdesign  tools  web  codesnippets 
8 days ago
abiodunjames/Awesome-Clean-Code-Resources: An awesome curated list of clean code posts, books and videos
An awesome curated list of clean code posts, books and resources - learn, practice, contribute & most importantly become cleaner!.
If you want your code to be elegant, clean, straightforward and easy to understand, you will find this list helpful. They are links to posts, videos and books written by great minds in history and contain a lot of examples to spice up your day.
code_quality  links  resources 
9 days ago
Structured Discussions - MediaWiki
Structured Discussions (formerly known as “Flow”) is a project of the Global Collaboration team at the Wikimedia Foundation to build another discussion system for Wikimedia projects. Structured Discussions provides features that are present on some other popular websites, but which are not possible to implement in wikitext. For example, Structured Discussions can show readable threads on mobile as well as desktop, automatically signs posts, threads replies (with an in-database relation between each), and permits per-topic notifications.
mediawiki  extension  forum 
10 days ago
Extension:WikimediaEvents - MediaWiki
The WikimediaEvents extension is used by Wikimedia Foundation sites for custom logging of events with the EventLogging extension. The extension was previously named CoreEvents
mediawiki  extension  tracking  events  @wikimedia:fundraising 
11 days ago
Futuristic JavaScript dependency loader and builder. Speeds up application load times. Works with ES6, CommonJS, AMD, CSS, LESS and more. Simplifies modular workflows.
javascript  packaging  es6  opensource  library 
11 days ago
Reclaiming RSS – Aral Balkan
"RSS was an essential part of Web 1.0 before surveillance capitalism (Web 2.0) took over. It’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS." Listen to @aral, please:
from:twitter  rss  opinion 
12 days ago
Up & Front
Get matched with only those companies that are right for you.

How? All interviewers at Up & Front are senior developers.
beruf  interview  career  berlin 
12 days ago
Agar Art
“The battle of winter & spring”: this bacterial beauty won 1st Place in @asmicrobiology's 2018 Agar Art Contest😍! By Ana Tsitsishvili, Undergraduate Student, Agricultural University of Georgia, Tbilis @agruni All other winners:b #WorldMicrobiomeDay
from:twitter  images  art  biology  science 
13 days ago
mediact/dependency-guard - Packagist
MediaCT Dependency Guard is a static code analyzer that determines whether your package is depending on code that is installed as a side-effect of your developer and / or test environment.
code_quality  continuous_integration  tools  PHP  to_try 
13 days ago
PowerSpout - Water goes in, Power comes out
Even a small stream can generate consistent, clean, dam free, renewable electricity at a price per Watt lower than solar or wind.  A single PowerSpout at a site good enough to generate 1kW can produce enough electricity for a typical house for a year (>8,000 kWh/yr).  The small (18 inches wide), all-weather PowerSpout PLT is one of the most reliable, cost-effective generators around because we have spent a decade making micro-hydro efficient and affordable.  Just let our customers tell you, or learn more about it in our document index.
commercial  diy  Weltverbesserung  products  ecology 
16 days ago
Research: Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men, but Are Less Likely to Get Them
Contrary to prior research, a new study finds that women are just as likely as men to negotiate salary
from:twitter  gender  science  society  News 
17 days ago
Strapdown.js - Instant and elegant Markdown documents
Strapdown.js makes it embarrassingly simple to create elegant Markdown documents. No server-side compilation required. Use it to quickly document your projects, create tutorials, home pages, etc. (For example, the page you are reading was generated by Strapdown).
bootstrap  javascript  markdown 
18 days ago
Facial recognition software is not ready for use by law enforcement – TechCrunch
In a stunning op-ed, the CEO of facial recognition company Kairos argues that the technology’s bias and capacity for abuse make it too dangerous for govt use.

Kairos will refuse to sell its technology to governments. Via @BrianBrackeen
from:twitter  facial_recognition  surveillance  police_state  News  archive 
18 days ago
Habt endlich Angst! – Die Kolumnisten. Persönlich. Parteiisch. Provokant.
Habt endlich Angst!: Wie könnte ein "Sieg" der CSU aussehen, wenn Merkel & Co hart bleiben…
from:twitter  Germany  politics  lang:de 
19 days ago
14 Days
14 Days is a 2-player tabletop game about life with chronic pain.

In the game, you’ll play out two weeks in the life of a person with migraines. You’ll schedule your life one day at a time, juggling work, relationships, and hobbies around the reality of unpredictable pain. The game plays in 45 mins to an hour, followed by a discussion section at the end.
RPG  Games  wishlist  to_try 
19 days ago
improv theater and comedy
In this wiki you will find games and exercises, but also other interesting things about improv. You can participate and bring in your own ideas. Simply register and create your own article.
links  resources  communication 
20 days ago
Zinggi/NoKey: A distributed password manager without a master password
NoKey is a distributed password manager that works without a master password.

Instead, you can unlock your passwords by confirming from another device. E.g. if you need a password on your PC, you only have to confirm this on your phone. No need to remember any passwords!
opensource  passwords  security 
23 days ago
A personal terminal-based dashboard utility, designed for displaying infrequently-needed, but very important, daily data.
analytics  visualization  shell 
23 days ago
fe3dback/str: A fast string manipulation library with multibyte support. Based on "Stringy" lib, with focus on speed.
strongly typed
no exceptions thrown
new functions
A fast string manipulation library with multi-byte support. Inspired by the "Stringy" library, with focus on speed.

Lib uses php7 features and does not throw any exceptions (because all input parameters are strongly typed). The code is completely covered by unit tests.
PHP  library  opensource  performance  i18n 
24 days ago
Setzt! Endlich! Grenzen! - Wirtschaft - Sü
Die Erde steuert auf eine Klima- und Umweltkatastrophe zu. Doch die Politik unternimmt kaum etwas dagegen. Das muss sich ändern. Der Samstagsessay.
from:twitter  essay  capitalism  politics  lang:de  weltuntergang  ecology  archive 
25 days ago
Ten Candles — Cavalry Games
Ten Candles is a zero-prep tabletop storytelling game designed for one-shot 2-4 hour sessions of tragic horror. It was released in December 2015 and is best played with one GM and 3-5 players. It is played by the light of ten tea light candles which provide atmosphere, act as a countdown timer for the game, and allow you to literally burn your character sheet away as you play. Ten Candles is described as a "tragic horror" game rather than survival horror for one main reason: in Ten Candles there are no survivors. In the final scene of the game, when only one candle remains, all of the characters will die. In this, Ten Candles is not a game about "winning" or beating the monsters. Instead, it is a game about what happens in the dark, and about those who try to survive within it. It is a game about being pushed to the brink of madness and despair, searching for hope in a hopeless world, and trying to do something meaningful with your final few hours left. 
horror  RPG  wishlist  Games  to_try  storytelling 
27 days ago
Flagfox – Add-ons for Firefox
Displays a country flag depicting the location of the current website's server and provides a multitude of tools such as site safety checks, whois, translation, similar sites, validation, URL shortening, and more...
Firefox  security  extension 
4 weeks ago
Presentations from
PHP  presentation 
4 weeks ago
BerryBoot v2.0 - bootloader / universal operating system installer [BerryTerminal]
For people short on SD cards: Berryboot is a simple boot selection screen for ARM computers like the Raspberry Pi, that allows you to put multiple Linux distributions on a single SD card.
In addition it allows you to put the operating system files on an external USB hard drive instead of on the SD card itself.
Download link Berryboot for the original Raspberry Pi, Pi Zero, Pi 2 and Pi 3(+) (58 MB):
sha1sum: fab25e852e38c4ae90ba5dd9ee3f50534fc5c507

Download link Berryboot for the quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3(+) only (39 MB):
sha1sum: 3bf433a5a281be5c297e6dcdcc6dbc76dc1d5c20

To install: extract the contents of the .zip file to a normal (FAT formatted) SD card, and put it in your Raspberry Pi. This can be simply done under Windows without any special image writer software.
Once you start your Pi it will start an installer that reformats the SD card and downloads the operating systems files from the Internet.
raspberry_pi  networking  software  linux 
4 weeks ago
Pollen: the book is a program
Pollen is a publishing system that helps authors make functional and beautiful digital books.

I created Pollen so I could make my web-based books Practical Typography, Typography for Lawyers, and Beautiful Racket. Sure, go take a look. Are they better than the last digital books you encountered? Yes they are. Would you like your next digital book to work like that? If so, keep reading.

At the core of Pollen is an argument:

Digital books should be the best books we’ve ever had. So far, they’re not even close.

Because digital books are software, an author shouldn’t think of a book as merely data. The book is a program.

The way we make digital books better than their predecessors is by exploiting this programmability.

That’s what Pollen is for.

Not that you need to be a programmer to start using Pollen. On the contrary, the Pollen language is markup-based, so you can write & edit text naturally. But when you want to automate repetitive tasks, add cross-references, or pull in data from other sources, you can access a full programming language from within the text.

That language is Racket. I chose Racket because it has some unique features that made Pollen possible. So if it’s unfamiliar to you, don’t panic. It was unfamiliar to me. Once you see what you can do with Racket & Pollen, you may be persuaded. I was.

Or, if you can find a better digital-publishing tool, use that. But I’m never going back to the way I used to work.
documentation  books  ebooks  programming  writing  publishing 
4 weeks ago
Laziness Does Not Exist
When you’re paralyzed with fear of failure, or you don’t even know how to begin a massive, complicated undertaking, it’s damn hard to get shit done. It has nothing to do with desire, motivation, or moral upstandingness. Procastinators can will themselves to work for hours; they can sit in front of a blank word document, doing nothing else, and torture themselves; they can pile on the guilt again and again — none of it makes initiating the task any easier. In fact, their desire to get the damn thing done may worsen their stress and make starting the task harder.
psychology  GTD  essentials 
4 weeks ago
Russian Censorship of Telegram - Schneier on Security
In 1993, John Gilmore famously said that "The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." That was technically true when he said it but only because the routing structure of the Internet was so distributed. As centralization increases, the Internet loses that robustness, and censorship by governments and companies becomes easier.
censorship  Russia  technology  security  essay  archive 
4 weeks ago
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