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Funkify | A disability simulator for the web
Funkify is a brand new extension for Chrome that helps you experience the web and interfaces through the eyes of extreme users with different abilities and disabilities.

Funkify is created by a team of usability and accessibility experts in Sweden. The project is financed by The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (Post och telestyrelsen, PTS).

Please note that Funkify is under construction – a lot will happen during 2018, so stay tuned!
accessibility  browser  chrome  disability  tools  barrierefrei 
10 hours ago
Kweb : Build rich live-updating web apps in pure server-side Kotlin
Kweb is a library for building web applications in the Kotlin programming language, that virtually eliminates the separation between browser and server from the programmer’s perspective.

Kweb allows you to interact to the browser DOM directly as if it was local to the web server. This process is efficient, minimizing browser-server chatter and browser rendering overhead. DOM fragments are also cached in the browser for an extremely responsive UI, and events are conveyed seamlessly between client and server to maintain consistent state across both.

In this simple example we attach a click listener to a hyperlink which increments a global click counter. Note how the counter is truly global, and changes to it propagate automatically to browsers:
kotlin  framework  opensource  web  RIA  networking  ajax 
3 days ago
Tent CSS
Ultralight and small CSS framework
css  framework  sass  BEM 
4 days ago
Avoid Dynamic Data structures in PHP
This blog post is an object-oriented approach to use Classes instead of build-in arrays. I’ll show you another view on why it’s better to use a Class/Object instead of an array.

In the PHP world it’s very common to use build-in arrays ([] or array()) for every purpose. It’s PHP’s Swiss Army Knife. But doesn’t look as nice as your wife.

Let’s jump into the code. Consider you have a very long and complex code block. For the purpose of this blog post I’ll make it only 2 levels deep:
PHP  oop  patterns  architecture  code_quality  craftsmanship 
5 days ago
gliderlabs/logspout: Log routing for Docker container logs
Logspout is a log router for Docker containers that runs inside Docker. It attaches to all containers on a host, then routes their logs wherever you want. It also has an extensible module system.

It's a mostly stateless log appliance. It's not meant for managing log files or looking at history. It is just a means to get your logs out to live somewhere else, where they belong.

For now it only captures stdout and stderr, but a module to collect container syslog is planned.
devops  docker  logging 
8 days ago
Riemann - A network monitoring system
Riemann aggregates events from your servers and applications with a powerful stream processing language. Send an email for every exception in your app. Track the latency distribution of your web app. See the top processes on any host, by memory and CPU. Combine statistics from every Riak node in your cluster and forward to Graphite. Track user activity from second to second.

Riemann provides low-latency, transient shared state for systems with many moving parts.
monitoring  tool  programme 
9 days ago
Cloud Native Infrastructure as Code
Build software for any cloud using your favorite language.
containers  devops  serverless  deployment 
10 days ago
jmtd → log → duc
duc is a tool to record and visualise disk space usage. Recording and visualising are performed separately, meaning the latter is very fast. There are several visualisers available. The three most interesting ones are
linux  administration  visualization  tools  programme  to_try 
10 days ago
SecretSanta/ at master · AetherWorks/SecretSanta · GitHub
Pick your language, pick your secret santa.

Several different Implementations of secret santa algorithms, each in a different language.
algorithms  codesnippets  haskell  golang  rust 
10 days ago
Docker Timezone und Java – IT-Beratung - Benjamin Herbert
For normal linux containers: mount /etc/localtime
For containers running Java: Set TZ= environment variable.
docker  i18n  java  lang:de 
11 days ago
ferm - for Easy Rule Making
ferm is a tool to maintain complex firewalls, without having the trouble to rewrite the complex rules over and over again. ferm allows the entire firewall rule set to be stored in a separate file, and to be loaded with one command. The firewall configuration resembles structured programming-like language, which can contain levels and lists.
firewall  linux  networking  security  tools 
14 days ago
GitSquared/edex-ui: A science fiction terminal emulator designed for large touchscreens that runs on all major OSs.
eDEX-UI is a fullscreen desktop application resembling a sci-fi computer interface, heavily inspired from DEX-UI and the TRON Legacy movie effects. It runs the shell of your choice in a real terminal, and displays live information about your system. It was made to be used on large touchscreens but will work nicely on a regular desktop computer or perhaps a tablet PC or one of those funky 360° laptops with touchscreens.

I had no ideas for a name so i took DEX-UI and added a "e" for Electron. Deal with it.
scifi  desktop  gui  shell  osx  win  linux  via:popular 
16 days ago
javascript - throw Error('msg') vs throw new Error('msg') - Stack Overflow
Answer: Both are fine; this is explicitly stated in the specification:
javascript  essentials  patterns  OOP 
19 days ago
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