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Migrations : en parler autrement ?
A l'heure où Emmanuel Macron s'apprête à dévoiler son plan contre la radicalisation et parle de "séparatisme islamiste" à Mulhouse, François Héran, titulaire de la chaire Migrations et société au Collège de France, nous rappelle la différence entre communautarisme et séparatisme. Le communautarisme est un "indicateur très flou" qui se penche notamment sur les mariages au sein d'une communauté ou l'accueil de migrants par leur diaspora : elle semble, de fait, exister partout comme un phénomène ordinaire. 

Le séparatisme, en revanche, comme le souligne l'essai récent de Bernard Rougier, Les Territoires conquis de l'islamisme, correspond à "une situation où des groupes cherchent à subvertir les institutions pour développer une identité propre". Pour M. Héran, le problème vient notamment du fait que certains individus se retrouvent tellement vulnérabilisés par l'expérience de l'immigration qu'ils représentent des proies faciles pour des réseaux très organisés.   
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2 hours ago
肺炎疫情:种族歧视开始蔓延全球 - BBC News 中文
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8 hours ago
So the main theory is that "escaped" from the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory. A secondary t…
How to Make a Kurzgesagt Video in 1200 Hours
2 days ago
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2 days ago
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5 days ago
1. There's a lot of buzz on the astronomical jump in cases from Hubei on Wednesday -- 14,840 new confirmed cases, a…
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5 days ago
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7 days ago

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7 days ago
La grande famille des agrumes

Avec leur fleur à l’odeur entêtante, leur fruits colorés gorgés de jus au gout variés mêlant subtilement sucres et acidité, les agrumes ont des charmes auxquels il est difficile de résister. Où et quand sont apparus les premiers agrumes sur Terre ? Comment ont-ils évolué pour arriver à l’immense diversité actuelle ?
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8 days ago
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8 days ago
Having difficulties understanding Hubei dialects? Don’t worry. Shandong medical care team sent to support Hubei has…
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8 days ago
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9 days ago
Opinion | ‘Should We Leave?’ Life in China Under Coronavirus Lockdown - The New York Times
I know it’s not entirely logical for me to be so keen to stay. Our family and friends are all worried about us, urging us to return to the United States while we still can, to put an ocean between us and this sprawling epidemic. But I keep thinking, are we entitled cowards for even considering fleeing while people in Hubei Province (Wuhan is its capital) are dealing with overcrowded hospitals, supply shortages, evictions and abuse; while medical professionals are on the front line risking their lives? Is a few weeks of confinement in the comfort of our home really a good reason to run away?
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10 days ago
No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay in the Air - Scientific American

Mark Drela, a professor of fluid dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics, offers an answer: “If the parcels momentarily flew off tangent to the airfoil top surface, there would literally be a vacuum created below them,” he explains. “This vacuum would then suck down the parcels until they mostly fill in the vacuum, i.e., until they move tangent to the airfoil again. This is the physical mechanism which forces the parcels to move along the airfoil shape. A slight partial vacuum remains to maintain the parcels in a curved path.”

“The reduced pressure over a lifting wing also ‘pulls horizontally’ on air parcels as they approach from upstream, so they have a higher speed by the time they arrive above the wing,” Drela says. “So the increased speed above the lifting wing can be viewed as a side effect of the reduced pressure there.”
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11 days ago
I'm all for a diversity of takes on China...but did we really need this headline? Isn't it just giving nationalists…
12 days ago
RT : Na Na, médecin épidémiologiste : "Dans l'un des hôpitaux qui accueillent beaucoup de cas de nouveau , i…
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12 days ago
For one Chinese family in New York, it was simply time to go home, virus or not - Reuters

His mother and father, both in their 70s, came to visit him in New York about five months ago, their first trip there in 20 years. In the interim, a new coronavirus has emerged in China and become a fast-spreading global health crisis, prompting foreign governments to fly their citizens out of the country.

Niu was among those who were traveling against the tide along with his parents, who missed their home after months away.

“Now it’s time to go back,” said Niu, 44, who moved to the United States more than 20 years ago and lives in Manhattan, where he works in finance.
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14 days ago
February 4th 2020: The Economist this week

Our cover this week looks at how Narendra Modi and the BJP are sowing division in India. Last month they changed the law to make it easier for adherents of all the subcontinent’s religions, except Islam, to acquire citizenship. At the same time, they want to compile a register of all India’s 1.3bn citizens. Those sound like technicalities, but many of the country’s 200m Muslims do not have the papers to prove they are Indian, so they risk being made stateless. Ominously, the government has ordered the building of camps to detain those caught in the net. The scheme looks like the most ambitious step yet in a decades-long project of incitement against Muslims. That is electoral nectar for the BJP, but political poison for India. By undermining the secular principles of the constitution, Mr Modi’s latest initiatives threaten to do damage to democracy. They also risk spilling innocent blood.
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14 days ago
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15 days ago
by @ 二更 & @ 祝家老司机
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15 days ago
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17 days ago
Three projected scenarios (of new confirmed cases per day) for . Where are we? The three scenarios/curves sug…
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17 days ago

18 days ago
Coronavirus Exposes Core Flaws, and Few Strengths, in China’s Governance - The New York Times

Its rigidly hierarchical bureaucracy discourages local officials from raising bad news with central bosses whose help they might need. And it silos those officials off from one another, making it harder to see, much less manage, the full scope of spiraling crises.

“That’s why you never really hear about problems emerging on a local scale in China,” said John Yasuda, who studies China’s approach to health crises at Indiana University. “By the time that we hear about it, and that the problem reaches the central government, it’s because it’s become a huge problem.”

The two ends of the system are engaged in a constant push-pull dynamic, putting them occasionally at odds — particularly in moments of crisis, when each is looking to blame the other.

“Once a clear problem has emerged, it’s very good at diverting resources,” Mr. Yasuda said of China’s political system. “But it’s not good at dealing with emerging problems. So it’s built to be reactive instead of proactive.”

In the mid-2000s, Beijing demanded a drastic increase in milk production. When factory farms were unable to meet their targets, officials conscripted vast numbers of rural farmers.

Democracies seek to do this through “the competition of interests,” Ms. Shue said, on the belief that inviting everyone to participate will naturally pull the system toward the common good. This system, like any, has flaws, for example by handing more power to those with more money.

Within China, Ms. Shue added, the common good “is seen as something that should be designed from above, like a watch being engineered to run perfectly.”
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18 days ago
The Law and Wuhan Coronavirus | JSTOR Daily

The Wuhan coronavirus is a zoonotic disease, which means it originated in animals and spilled over to humans. Three quarters of infectious diseases are zoonotic spillovers. These include AIDS, Ebola, and SARS. The 1918 influenza pandemic, which infected half a billion people worldwide and killed 50 million of them, was avian in origin.

Non-zoonotic diseases, like polio, can be eradicated entirely by population-wide vaccination. But zoonoses can persist in animal populations, called reservoirs in this context, even if the human population is vaccinated. Currently, there is no vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus, which is officially known as 2019-nCoV.
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18 days ago
历史上从未有过的对决:超级疫情Vs. 举国之力








毒力逐渐降低并成为人群中发现的4种冠状病毒(HCoV- NL63,HCoV-229E, HCoV- OC43和HKU1)外的第五种冠状病毒,成为每个冬春季的常客,从此在冬季感冒和病毒性肺炎的病原体种,除了腺病毒、人偏肺病毒、呼吸道合胞病毒、鼻病毒、冠状病毒等之外的2019新型冠状病毒。
19 days ago

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19 days ago
Drag crisis - Wikipedia
This transition is associated with a transition from laminar to turbulent boundary layer flow adjacent to the object in question. In the case of cylindrical structures this transition is associated with a transition from well organized vortex shedding to randomized shedding behavior for super-critical Reynolds numbers, eventually returning to well organized shedding at the post-critical Reynolds number with a return to elevated drag force coefficients.
19 days ago
RT : This makes me sad. really brings out the worst in people. Here’s the chain of discrimination: fellow C…
coronavirus  racism  discrimination  hongkong  china  hubei  world 
20 days ago
farine t55, farine t45 : faire la différence entre les farines et quel type de farine utiliser pour chaque pâtisserie ? – Conseils CAP Pâtisserie
Commençons par le taux de cendres qui est la caractéristique la plus connue. La farine est soumise à une cuisson à plus de 600°c. Les cendres qui restent correspondent au son, l’enveloppe du blé. Plus le T, taux de cendres, est élevé, plus la farine contient du son et plus il est faible, plus elle est pure.
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21 days ago


金冬雁:有两个概念,一个是病死率(case fatality),就是说确诊这个病的人数做分母,死的人数做分子。另外一个是死亡率,叫 mortality,分母是所有的易感人群总数,分子是易感人群中得病死亡人数。确诊41名,6人死亡,15%这是病死率,是高的。我们推测,这个研究的研究者没把轻症和无症的患者找出来。当然,要计算死亡率,其实要到最后都死完了,大部分人恢复了以后,那时候会算的比较准确。死亡率从现在来看,肯定没有SARS高。



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21 days ago
For those who are concerning about the construction progress of Wuhan’s two temporary hospitals, you can actually w…
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22 days ago

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22 days ago
社会人科技评论 Episode 19: 野味肺炎:展开讲讲「野味」和背后的故事,顺带抽象一下

蝙蝠这物种战斗力特别强,哺乳类 1/5 是蝙蝠,数量仅次于鼠,分布范围仅次于人。

现在的理论上蝙蝠因为会飞,所以自我修复能力特别强。飞行让代谢率会升高,蝙蝠比其他哺乳动物有更高的 DNA 损伤修复,让蝙蝠有了和体型不相符的寿命。一般哺乳动物越大活动越长,但蝙蝠相反,虽然体型不大但寿命不短。蝙蝠也具有更强的固有免疫应答系统,携带病毒可以很少或者压根不发病。加上蝙蝠和人同是哺乳动物,种类多,活得长,自然而然是各类病毒的理想宿主。
animal  food  habit  critic 
22 days ago
While Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivering his speech in a Wuhan super market, this auntie in front can’t stop get…
22 days ago
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