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Springtime in Paris Brings Macron a Deluge of Challenges

In May 1968, France enjoyed a 5 percent economic growth rate, and its population was young. It had fewer students — most of them sons and daughters of the bourgeoisie — and more industrial workers. Trade unions were strong. The biggest union, the C.G.T., was closely linked to the Communist Party, which garnered about 20 percent of the vote. Far-left groups were led by charismatic figures. May ’68 was not only the French version of the rebellious mood throughout Europe and America; it was a revolt of 20-year-old baby boomers against the grip and conservatism of the Gaullist establishment, shaped by World War II and France’s Algerian war.

In 1968, Mr. Macron had not yet been born, but he does know what convergence des luttes means. Literally a convergence of struggles, this slogan epitomized the unity of bourgeois students and the proletariat that made 1968 unique.
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