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How Digital Maps Have Changed What It Means to Be Lost
I was curious if others felt the same way, so I set about collecting more of these moments—memories of the last times people felt really, truly lost.

“I can sympathize with that romantic notion that wandering in an unfamiliar place is great because you never know what you might stumble on,” Mathis says. “But in practical terms, as a woman who often is out walking alone, I do have my guard up. I have my city face on. And the technology that we have now does make me feel like I can be self-sufficient almost anywhere. And that’s something I value.”

There are many ways to be lost. Some have declined due to technology; others are newly born. But in every situation, to be lost is to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is frightening, often dangerous, but it also breeds connection—with people, and with places. The maps people carry in their pockets can be a barrier to that connection, but they are also safety nets. And it’s easier to take a leap if you know there’s something at the bottom to catch you.
russia  story  travel  GPS  discovery  safety  street  city  night  lost  female  stranger 
february 2018 by aries1988
How drones are learning to find their own way in the world | New Scientist
It previously took hours of postflight processing to build maps from drone footage. The bottleneck was processing power. The team overcame this by harnessing the power of GPUs – fast image-processing chips originally developed for games.
data  drone  GPS  technology  map  mapping 
july 2016 by aries1988
MyDrive Connect
Gérez votre appareil et conduisez avec la dernière version du logiciel, des cartes et des services.
driving  gps  support 
january 2016 by aries1988
The End of Not Knowing
It's not that GPS navigation systems with live traffic data are particularly new; it was just the contrast between my experience and the frustrated, anxious driver in the next lane that made me think about this. It felt like I had a sixth sense: data.
data  llife  tool  future  gps 
july 2012 by aries1988
The Joy of Maps
While it is true that in most of my life, I have attempted to go paperless, there are a few places where having the paper makes all of the difference in the world. One of those things for me are maps. Until very recently, I forgot how much I loved maps, what joy they can be. It took years of using GPS and Google Maps to remind me just how wonderful a foldout map really is.
map  story  gps 
june 2012 by aries1988
谷歌GPS地图是由whudee开发的一个免费的增强版Google地图浏览、下载工具,能够轻松保存任意尺寸的地图为图片文件,它可以加载Google Maps(国际版)卫星图及Google地图(中国版)的卫星图、地形图和道路图。
google  map  gps  china 
september 2011 by aries1988

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