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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Where Is It? - The Atlantic
It is obvious that decisions were made to not pursue certain avenues that might have reflected poorly on Malaysia Airlines or the government.
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9 weeks ago by aries1988
Vous avez sans doute entendu parler d’un pour Perpignan bloqué 6 heures dans un tunnel à la sortie de Paris.6…
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11 weeks ago by aries1988
Notre Dame Is the Burning Heart of Paris

It’s partly that, at 856 years old, Notre Dame has witnessed much of French history. It’s where Henry VI was crowned, and Napoleon became emperor. A few hours into the fire, French TV news was running everything from clips of François Mitterrand’s funeral to scenes from a movie version of Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

In his address to the nation, Mr. Macron described what Parisians are feeling as a “tremblement intérieur” — an internal trembling.

A hundred years from now, people will still be talking about the fire of 2019.
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april 2019 by aries1988
在化工脱贫的路上,响水人经历过爆炸、泄漏和“大逃亡”|深度|端传媒 Initium Media







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april 2019 by aries1988
Aberfan - 50 years on

It was a normal October day for a small mining village, where it had been raining for what seemed like forever
story  disaster  children  school  wales  death  comparison  coal  mining  accident  closure  ptsd  family  tragedy 
october 2016 by aries1988
Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster | Tim Harford

The psychologist James Reason, author of Human Error, wrote: “Manual control is a highly skilled activity, and skills need to be practised continuously in order to maintain them. Yet an automatic control system that fails only rarely denies operators the opportunity for practising these basic control skills … when manual takeover is necessary something has usually gone wrong; this means that operators need to be more rather than less skilled in order to cope with these atypical conditions.”

Bonin seemed nervous. The slightest hint of trouble produced an outburst of swearing: “Putain la vache. Putain!” – the French equivalent of “Fucking hell. Fuck!” More than once he expressed a desire to fly at “3-6” – 36,000 feet – and lamented the fact that Air France procedures recommended flying a little lower.

In any case, Bonin silently retook control of the plane and tried to climb again. It was an act of pure panic. Robert and Dubois had, perhaps, realised that the plane had stalled – but they never said so. They may not have realised that Bonin was the one in control of the plane. And Bonin never grasped what he had done. His last words were: “But what’s happening?”
airplane  airline  accident  psychology  computer  technology  human  error 
october 2016 by aries1988
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august 2015 by aries1988
Oriental Star Accident Highlights Increase in Safety Problems on Yangtze Cruises

The primary reason was low pay, with a captain earning just 7000 yuan a month, or about $1,100.
accident  river  china  safety 
august 2015 by aries1988
Pressing on | The Economist
A spate of accidents will not put Asians off air travel.

The region is one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets. Its 50-odd carriers are awaiting delivery of 1,600 new planes, about the same number as are in their fleets today. Boeing, an American planemaker, thinks regional airlines will need to order more than 3,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years.

In much of the region rutted roads and fickle seas are a far bigger worry. A recent study of 160 ferry accidents since 2000, costing nearly 17,000 lives, showed that Indonesia and the Philippines were among the most lethal places to board a boat (only Bangladeshi vessels were more deadly). Images of grieving families in Singapore and Surabaya have horrified Indonesians, and the world. But journeys are still safer in the skies.
accident  aviation  banyan 
may 2015 by aries1988
A Life in Motion, Stopped Cold
But the story she sees in her mind always ends the same way: She is lying helpless in the snow. Her coach is kneeling above her, tears spilling down his face. And the stillness of the mountain has been shattered by the angry, whirring blades of the helicopter that has come to take her to the hospital.

“When you asked her to repeat something 10 times, she would repeat it 20 times,” said Gisele Fabris Moreira, who coached Souza from 1995 to 1997. “She had a great capacity to not show she was in pain if she was hurt. This was very impressive in a little girl of only 8 years old. She would fall from the bar to the floor and hit her head and then return straight to the bar. She was like an adult in a child’s body.”

Souza's hat was adjusted by her mother, Odete, in Miami. At right, Souza during physical therapy in June. Last year, she began a stem cell treatment that awakened a small amount of feeling in her arms and feet.

Her resilience comes from a lot of things: her religion, her discipline, her policy of setting a goal for herself, reaching it and aiming for the next one. There are also her many friends from Brazil to help Souza’s mother, who has been caring almost full time for Souza since the accident.

Souza still wears a smile on her face, at least most of the time, at least when she is in public. She tries not to think about her old self, but she cannot help it. It feels so close yet so out of reach, as if a flimsy curtain is all that separates one life from the other.

She misses the little things, mostly. “I want to pass my hand through my hair, to feel my hand on my face, to take a shower,” she said. She recently got a tattoo on her arm: a person in a wheelchair standing up and gradually walking away.

When she dreams at night, she said, she never dreams of skiing. She dreams of gymnastics.
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may 2015 by aries1988
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july 2013 by aries1988
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october 2012 by aries1988
Final words of Air France passenger jet emerge: 'what's happening?' - Telegraph
The terrified final words of three pilots aboard an Air France 447 which crashed into the sea with the loss of 228 lives have emerged for the first time. "Damn-it! We're going to crash. It can't be true!" says one co-pilot.
air  france  accident  story 
august 2012 by aries1988
The Titanic and the End of an Era -
Perhaps the menu suggests another factor in our fascination. The Titanic sank at the end of an era and on the eve of Europe’s catastrophe. Today, the very language — cockie leekie or grilled mutton (not lamb) chops — evokes the twilight of the Edwardian era, before the eruption of World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution, and before the clash of classes and ideologies that the various decks on the Titanic contrived to keep at bay. That clash would become the tragic heart of the 20th century. At dinner in first class that evening the seventh course was roast squab and cress: enough said.
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august 2012 by aries1988
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august 2012 by aries1988
被遗忘的7·23动车事故 - 朝日新聞中文网
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july 2012 by aries1988
《卫报》 :如果不改变威权制度,中国将崩溃
本次动车相撞事故和后来如雪崩般出现的评论说明,处于技术前沿的知识型经济系统无法与一党制国家兼容。 我们被辩护者无数次告知,中国不一样。欧洲启蒙运动的价值观——宽容、有益的异议、法制、言论自由、多元化——这里都不需要。温州事件则是一次苦涩的提醒,人类的痛苦和对问责制的要求是普世性的。此外,这些也是运转良好的经济与社会的重要基础。会出现“中国之春”的,而且会比任何人预期的来得更早。
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